Australian Xbox 360 GTA 4 Pre-Order Offer

AusGamers is reporting Microsoft Australia are offering an exclusive pre-order pack for GTA 4 on Xbox 360...

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ChrisGTR14878d ago

i guess this is why the game cost 120$ there..

Expy4877d ago

DAmn 120$!?

Meh, either way, I have no need for MSPoints or gamerpics... Still going to get the Playstation 3 version.

sonarus4877d ago

ms points are cool but gamer pics? GTFOutta here with that $hit

t-0_ot-4877d ago (Edited 4877d ago )

ChrisGTR1 - Both versions are $120, I believe. In Australia, that is.

power of Green 4877d ago

#1.1 in the gamerzone will get the PS3 version because he would never buy a 360 lol as if he owns both consoles or has not yet purchased a console and will chose the version with less content, fanboyism at its best.

Breakfast4877d ago (Edited 4877d ago )

You're the internet's biggest hypocrite...

Bathyj4877d ago

Sorry Mart. I have both consoles (all 3 in fact) and I'm getting the PS3 version as well.

Maybe we just prefer the controller. Maybe we dont care for all of M$ little bribe tactics (gamerpix, ha WTF?) Or maybe I just get all my multiplatform games on PS3 because I keep my Sh*t forever and still have faith my PS3 will be running in a year. Sorry, not so confident of that with XB since EB arent allow to accept broken XB's anymore and revoked my extended warranty.

Besides, XBL is full of people like you, why would I want to go there?

power of Green 4877d ago (Edited 4877d ago )

How so?, I would not pretend to others that I could go either way when it comes to multi platform games when the competition of my prefered console had the superior titles knowing I would never buy a PS3. I would keep my mouth shut so people wouldn't know That I'm dissapionted.

I wouldn't keep announcing that I don't care every time its mentioned thats for sure.

"You're the internet's biggest hypocrite..."

No I would tell the truth and say that it sucks. I would be angry that a series that built my companies success is getting more attention from the competition.

I always reply to Sony fanboys about this because they're like wemen(girl/wife-e) acting up saying nothings wrong but they won't let you sleep with them. lol

Breakfast you can't explain why I'm a hypocrite in any real context to my posts what so ever all you can do is respond in a child-like malice drive belligerent fit lol.

In context tell me where I wen't wrong when replying to a known hardcore Sony fanboy saying he would rather get the PS3 version despite it not offering as much as if it could ever be anyother way? when it comes to him every owning the xbox.

He doesn't need to resond to people mentioning the DLC like he's offended and has to tell people how he feels like a spiteful child responding to another kid that has the newest toy.

XboxOZ3604877d ago

The actual RRP on the two types of GTAIV are $AUD119.99 and $AUD149.99 for the Collectors Edition. Remembering, while our dollar is very good in the market currency atm, it still doesn't equate our price structure here. We have a totally different tax structure (all prices are tax included) and our shipping and transport costs are far greater here, than in the US or Europe due to the HUGE distances between main cities like Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbaine etc.

Those prices are again only RRP (Recommended Retail Prices) and most people get the games for at least $10 - $20 less than that due to stores doing release specials, or simple competitive business marketing. I can get a New release game like Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 for $AUD85 - $90, yet it has a RRP of $AUD109.

Hydrollex4877d ago (Edited 4877d ago )

If you want to enjoy the graphics and the true love of GTA IV, get it for the PS3

If you want to play more missions and waste money + Somewhere in 2009 look at PS3 fans that are playing MGs4 and haze, then get the 360 version

PS3 version for me

GETPWNT4877d ago

Hey, I didn't think I'd get to see your one bubble b1tch mouth here today, what with having only one bubble and all.

You're just mad 360 will once again get the better game. Suck to be you! you sad, pathetic, 1-console-owning n00bs.

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