New Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit Trailer

New Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit Trailer, Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit is base of the popular Dragon ball Z series. The game is releasing for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 coming July 15, 2008 for Japan and the US.

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jappa3869d ago

This game gona be nice. I owne all DBZ games,And now with on-line play COOOOOOL . NOW i real can see how good i am in this game, I LIKE THE ACTION GOKU RULS. KAAAMEE HAAA MEEE HAAAAAAAA

chaosatom3333869d ago

online is going to sick for a dbz game. Combat and graphics looks awsome too.

Doppy3869d ago

I'll wait until Burst Limit 3, since it only goes up to the Cell Saga. It sucks that they do this. They could have at least went of to the Buu Saga if they didn't want to do GT just yet. Next year I hope we get GT stuff added for part 2. And when part 3 comes out, create a fictional bonus story line or something. That or either create a character. I'm getting a little tired of going through each Saga over and over again.

jinn3869d ago

DBZ has got to remain with the old gen

gano3869d ago

But y hasn't anyone picked up legends style yet. At least dbz 2 was good for nintendo. It still feels like it's missing sumtin.