Genocide for fun and profit: horrific irony in Army of Two

Army of Two may be one of the most contemporary games Destructoid has ever played: rather than shying away from contemporary politics as Call of Duty 4 did, Ao2 unflinchingly references 9/11, Blackwater, and the Iraq War through its rather underwhelming storyline. Call of Duty 4 had a wonderful storyline which said nothing about the modern world; Army of Two does exactly the opposite.

(Mild spoilers included.)

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LJWooly3869d ago

The gameplay sucked, but I can respect that Army of Two touches on very controversial subjects (albeit form a very dumb perspective) but even more ironic is that the game is made by EA. Mega corporations don't usually risk this sort of thing.

iAmPS33869d ago

Big Hollywood studios have been touching much more controversial subjects and still they are accepted as a "artistic expression of reality".

It's sad that gaming it's still seeing as a "training media for future maniacs" or "desensitizing sexual experiences" or "immature form of entertainment".

And that kinda limits the ability of independent developers to create innovative and fun "controversial" games, cause they might be morally wrong, those developers just can't take the fall for those games.

Big companies like EA are giving the finger to everyone and that might be beginning of a new era on gaming, in terms of "mass media recognition".

Sounds so crazy to say that, am I wrong???

LJWooly3869d ago

Nah, you more or less naikled it, but it's sort of subject to opinion. Still, we don't know if EA was even aware of this at all. I doubt they were.

Btw, the guy who wrote this is a little pretentious, especially considering some of the things he's wrote in the past.

iAmPS33869d ago

If we know EA as much as we think we do, NO they did not. hehehe

Gorgon3868d ago (Edited 3868d ago )

Did you people actually read the review? There's no intention at all of beying satyrical or making a social comentary. If you feel the game that way then its completely accidental, not planed at all. This is a typical EA game about "killing bad guys is fun", EA didn't risk a dime in this. Please....

Read gamesopt review to complement this one. Although I don't care much for reviews, every imput I got about it just pretty much comes down to the fact that this game is pure trash.

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jinn3868d ago

i think the money system got in the way of this game's success, without it they could have put death matches and a better online multiplayer

MajorQQer3868d ago

The guy who wrote this article is a total poosy. I wish liberal babies like him would shut their queer pie holes and enjoy the game for what it was - a fun killing game. I would like to kick that guy's knee in and then knee him in the face.

Gorgon3868d ago

I would love to do that to your president too.