High octane Ridge Racer 7 screens

Here are some new screens of Ridge Racer 7 - the upcoming PS3 launch title and latest instalment of the classic racing series.

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specialguest5895d ago

it needs a more polished and shiney look to the cars.

THWIP5895d ago not suck so much as a racing series, that is aimed 100% at the quirky Japanese market.

MS was stupid to have RR6 on the 360 launch list, thinking it would sell well; they need to just accept that Japan hates them, and will never buy into the 360, or it's games. RR7 will sell millions on PS3 (eventually), but Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey will largely be ignored, since the 360 won't sell in Japan, and they are developed ENTIRELY with that market in mind.

THWIP5895d ago

Tell me you're from Japan. :|

PS360PCROCKS5895d ago

Thwip what the hell are you talking about? why do you take the time to bash the 360 after reading an article outlining new screenshots for RR7? Your a moron, please do us all a favor and shutup. Anyways these look nice, but theirs something about this game that just isn't right, like someone said shinier cars, which is indeed one thing, but theirs just this very unrealistic look to it, I don't know, it does look very nice tho

THWIP5895d ago

I'm not "bashing" the 360, you dumbass. I've owned mine since day 1, and have supported MS since I got my XBOX in 2002. This was just a rant against a sh*tty franchise, that only Japanese care about (and MS knows that)...and that MS foolishly thought would help sell 360s to Japan.

OC_MurphysLaw5895d ago

I disagree...sort of...

Yes MS struggles in Japan, and the future is still dark. But the big reason for that is they had ZERO real japanese dev support up until the 360. RR6 was a solid move on MS's part...its a solid "japanese" franchise that would be good to have in the fold. It won't save MS in japan, but it could never hurt to have it under the belt. MS just needs MANY compelling titles to be available all at once and to show MANY more coming for the japanese consumer to feel confident that their buy will be supported not just today, but down the road too. That has always been their problem...they just can't show the Japanese buyer that the xbox has long legs in Japan. Will that change? Probably not...but they have to try.

As for RR7, the point of this article btw, looks decent enough but I too am not a RR fan. Just never got into the game. Too many other racers that are better out there.

THWIP5895d ago

MS fails MISERABLY in the Japanese market, and they ALWAYS WILL. If you really look at the "support" they've gotten from Japanese developers, it's mainly from outcasts, non-traditionals, and has-beens trying to make a resurgence. Their biggest supporter, Team Ninja/Itagaki, isn't even liked in Japan, and their games don't sell there either. Capcom is their other major supporter, but they've always dev'd for ALL platforms possible, so you can't really count them as "supportive"...just greedy /smart.

12Volt5895d ago

but the JP demographic simply put is no fool when it comes to it's gaming preference. Keyword preference. It prefers to support it's own companies and it vies foreign contenders automatically as inferior, what can we say they are a proud people and they should be, look what they've done for electronics and gaming...

anyway I think the screenshots look great! Judging by the menu and map, it looks fairly involved... I like that.

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