Apple captures 14% of US PC market in February

Could Windows Vista be the best thing to happen to Apple in years?
While Microsoft is busy getting Service Pack 1 into hands of Windows Vista users, the company's latest operating system may well be seen as a blessing by rival Apple.

According to figures released by US market research firm NPD Group, the iconic brand picked up 14% of the consumer PC market in February, a huge 60% increase on the same period of last year. That compares to market growth of around 7%.

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mighty_douche3958d ago

Apple are on the move, and about time to. I recently started wondering to the White side and I'm loving it. It's a real pleasure to play with a whole new OS.

fenderputty3958d ago (Edited 3958d ago )

ever happened to APPLE is the iPod. Since then, ANYTHING Apple has become trendy. This isn't to say that their stuff isn't good because it kicks ass. I really like the iMac and have always liked the mac OS. People just always used to overlook APPLE and are now starting to notice how streamlined the product they put out is. Most of this can be attributed to the success of the iPod and iPhone. The only downfall to owning a mac is that you can't upgrade your box yourself.

Brand recognition FTW!

mighty_douche3958d ago (Edited 3958d ago )

I dont know, obviously brand recognition is very important but i think it only gets you so far, Apple are just releasing kick ass products right now, their design team are simply second to none. Every chance they take comes off for them, because they do it right!

fenderputty3958d ago

they've been releasing good product for years now. The iMacs have been b1thcen for a long time. The mac OS has always been killer and was the premise that MS modeled windows after. Going back to the iMac, they've been putting out better looking product for a long time too (no tower). It hasn't been until recently that they've been doing much better with sales.

whoelse3958d ago

Hopefully they can do even better next Feb.


mighty_douche3958d ago

Apple have been able to make PC's "cool", and with so many people leaving PC gaming for the consoles people dont need some beasty computer, they just want something stylish and eye catching.

I wouldnt be surprised if it hit 25% this year.

ianp6223958d ago

I can make a PC eye-catching. Throw in a couple of multi-color fans with a window on the side, water-cooling with UV reactive dye, and one or two UV cold cathode tubes. By power supply cables are also UV reactive.

Stylish, maybe not.

Although I prefer Windows XP, any competition for Microsoft is good. I just wish Mac would stop showing ads about how PCs are no fun, considering their vast game library.

poopsack3958d ago

They get along in those commercials what are you talking about?

jollygoodchap83957d ago (Edited 3957d ago )

Did you see that commercial too?

Mac: Hey PC what are you up to?
PC: Nothing much, just playing a game.
Mac: Oh yeah? Which one?
PC: All

LoL...I kid

Macs are ok, I messed around with my music teacher's Mac one day.
I love that music program they have on there.

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Massacre3958d ago

It might be more. Microsoft is busy trying to push vista and Apple is doing a great job pushing their OS.

resistance1003958d ago

Well my current laptop will be my last window's one, the moment a Mac with a blu-ray drive hits the UK i will be buying

heyheyhey3958d ago

yeah i might cross-over to Mac soon too

Vista sucks ass, and it doesn't seem like M$ will be supporting XP for too long

so Apple for my laptop, Linux for my PS3 and Vista for my PC- to play 360 games

should be quite interesting having 3 different OS's in my house

Yi-Long3958d ago (Edited 3958d ago )

... it's really a BS hype.

Apple is the 'in' brand now after the whole i-pod rage, but I wouldnt wanna cross over to Apple. Ever.

I think they're overpriced, I dont like the OS, I dont like that you need special software because of compatability issues, When something breaks down it's too expensive to fix, hardware-upgrades are nearly impossible or way too expensive,etc etc.

And yeah, I know what I'm talking about, I'm a graphic designer, I worked with those machines for 3 years on a daily basis, and TBH I was always glad when I was back home and working on my PC.

Back in the OLD days, an Apple might have been lots better than a PC, when it came to graphical tasks and all that. I'm not doubting that. But nowadays a PC can do everything a Mac can do, and better.

People are just exited about th Apple-brand. It's 'cool', so they are more than willing to splash out too much money on a mediocre machine.
And once the coolness-factor wears off, and the bragging and gloating has passed, they're stuck witha machine where you constantly have to look for, or wait for, software that will actually work on your machine, which was too expensive, which can hardly be upgraded, etc.

I'm not a huge fan of Windows either, although XP and Vista are running fine... but I would never ever buy myself a Mac.

IntelligentAj3958d ago

While I agree with mostly everything you said and are an admitted hater of all things Apple, I have to say that Apple is popular because it's stylish(in a world consumed with style over function) and it's easy to use for those who aren't too good with computers. While I don't mind installing software and keeping up with the daily maintenance of my XP system, most people either aren't smart enough or don't want to waste the time protecting or optimizing their system, and after much thought I ask why should they. As long Apple Purveyors cut the nonsense about PC's being prone to crashing all the time or unstable, they can try to take as much share as they want but I don't see it getting over 25%. ON a final note the competition is good for MS to show us what they're made of.

lalilulelo3958d ago (Edited 3958d ago )

id never buy anything apple. i dont know whats with the i pod rage either

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