Wii Bundled With Mysterious Wii Startup Disc

Snapped at a local EB Games, that's the back of the Wii box you're looking at. And get a load of what it includes:

Wii Console
Wii Console Stand
Wii Remote
Sensor Bar
Wii AC Adapter
Wii AV Cable
Wii Startup Disc

Wii Startup Disc? What's a Wii Startup Disc?

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shotty5895d ago

To update the console.

BlackCountryBob5895d ago

Yeah I think you are right, I remember hearing a while back that they had started making the console before they finalised the firmware so the new software would be put in the box to update the software! Cant help thinking it all would have been easier if they made the firmware available on the Wii internet service.

joemutt5895d ago

What if you got home and found out you had to connect your wii to the net for it to work. But you didnt have access.

You would be pretty mad. Discs are the way to go.

ElementX5895d ago

Damn, people think everything is a conspiracy or something these days. I guess they could've labled it as an "upgrade" disc or something.

eepiccolo5895d ago

A picture of a Wii box! My heart is aflutter.

ChickeyCantor5895d ago

it was anounced that an update disc will come with the package.....i asume its the lil TUT.....and an update i guess