Windows Vista SP1 Test Results...Is It Worth It? - 'Showed A Drop in Performance'


"Today Microsoft released the long awaited Service Pack 1 update for Windows Vista. We have seen some positive performance gains with the prior release clients offered to the public, and wanted to test what changes, if any, the final release has. For this test we picked a review notebook that we have in the office right now (Averatec AV2500), and benchmarked it before and after the SP1 Standalone update."

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godofthunder103868d ago

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decapitator3868d ago

Knew something would go wrong. *Hugs XP*

mighty_douche3868d ago (Edited 3868d ago )

Graphics performance isnt really a fair test, obviously it still shouldnt go down, but Vistas pants for gaming anyhoo. Any self respecting PC gaming is running XP.

Personally i see about 20% better gaming on XP.

xplosneer3868d ago

I see no FPS Difference between my XP and Vista visually speaking, so I take Vista. However, I am running a desktop. Didn't I see before the exact opposite results? You guys enjoy XP, and I'll enjoy Vista.

Shaka2K63868d ago

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