A Guitar teacher view of Guitar oriented games

A guitar teacher's unapologetic response to Rock Band and Guitar Hero III.

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halo3betasnatch out3869d ago

The guy makes some good points and I understand his anger.

Yes we all agree that it's a fun game and I also play guitar, I don't hate the game in itself but some of the egos it generates are fooking infuriating. For example, I told my friend that he should learn to play a real guitar and he laughed in my face told me how lame that was and that you have to be much more skilled to play GH... wtf! That's like some kid who plays COD4 telling a soldier that being in the military is lame, and that it takes more skill to play COD4 than actually fight in real life, you see what I'm getting at??

cmcate3869d ago

The writer of this article is a moron. He probably lives in his parent's basement and plays guitar hero better than his acoustic. What a loser!