Major Nelson clears up some 1080p questions.

In his latest blogcast, Major Nelson interviews Albert from Xbox about the upcoming 1080p update for the XBox 360.

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TheMART6182d ago

Nice. For the graphic whores, not for me. And the Sony fanboys that will run over now:

1080p Native games will come

all 720p games are upscaled to 1080p

There stays the 720p sweet spot where framerate, resolution and all just comes together on this gen. FOr PS3 also. But if you want to, you can. PS3 will have 720p which won't be upscaled to 1080p as far as I know, there are few that will though.

1080p most time: graphics lower, but framrate higher. Like Resistance compared to COD. Gears of War stands out on 720p, so much more richness and detail then Resistance.

And indeed this guy is right. Every HDTV has a VGA port. Even if copyright stuff won't do 1080p through component (and there are TV's that do just actually display it was found out by testing!) it'll always display video through VGA in 1080p.

And like we all know, the 360 has a digital port. If there is enough demand for HDMI, they'll release the cable.

This all sounds really, really good for the graphic whores that thought it was an advantage from the PS, in the end it isn't. So now just choose on the games instead of overhyped features!

Antan6182d ago (Edited 6182d ago )

Are you having a Steffi Graf ????????????

kewlkat0076182d ago

I don't care for 1080p.......I'll probally own a 1080p set in like 5 years or so.

dantesparda6182d ago

Then you shouldnt care about this news then (the 360 getting 1080p)

Brian3606182d ago

I purchesed a VGA cable to compare the difference between componant.
The colour is all washed out.
For me the best quality is through component,unless m$ release a HDMI cable and or DVI cable

TheMART6182d ago

Play a little with the colour changing on the TV and you'll be fine. And then get the HDMI cable spring 2007. It'll be there by then

dantesparda6182d ago (Edited 6182d ago )

Here we go again with the stupidity, because his TV is more colorful than his monitor, he assumes that, that is the case for everybody. Component video is not better than VGA, period! I dont care if you think so, or it looks that way on your TV. It is a fact! So stop with all the opinionated nonsense. Cuz if thats the case, then I can sit here and say that I think my Xbox1 looks better than my 360, because of "this and that"

Brian3606182d ago

I'm actually trying VGA and component on my 32" HD TV and the colour looks washed out compared to component at the same resolution,and there is no colour control when using VGA on my TV

zonetrooper56182d ago

I'm using a PC montior and the VGA cable and it looks amazing on the xbox 360. Its better than when it was on the TV through component.

StrongerCypher6182d ago

Will the60 be able to do 1080p over component or not. I am confused. I thought they said it could. If not this is just a waste of time for me.

DJ6182d ago

"HDTVs use a fair amount of circuitry and processing power to decode incoming signals before displaying an image on the screen. Because HDMI has long been planned to be 'the connection' for HD signals, most manufacturers have built 1080p HDTVs that are only able to accept 1080p via HDMI. Consequently, only a few 1080p capable HDTVs support 1080p signals via Component connections, which are generally restricted to 1080i. A few more 1080p HDTVs will accept an analog 1080p signal via VGA, but often only with the addition of a VGA-to-DVI dongle. To put it simply, trying to work with 1080p without HDMI is very difficult."

Basically the 360 does output in 1080p for games through both Component and VGA, but for movies it's 720p over Component and 1080p over VGA. However, both are analog connections so when HTCP is implemented the HD-DVD add-on is going to have its image downscaled from 1080p to 540p.

Most HDTV's don't support 1080p over component; that's the biggest problem. And I haven't seen an HDTV with VGA inputs, only DVI inputs (adaptors are available, luckily). You can start to see why Sony decided to put HDMI ports in both PS3 SKUs.

andy capps6182d ago

I'm not an Xbox guy, but I believe it will. The question is whether any 1080p will accept a native 1080p signal through component. I don't know of any. I don't know of any currently out that will accept a native 1080p signal through VGA either, they may downscale to 720p and then re-upscale to 1080p. I know that the Sony TV that I'm getting will only accept up to 720p via it's VGA input and will not upscale to 1080p. So you'll basically have the image not fill up the whole screen. The way around this is to convert it from VGA to HDMI which is then resolved just fine. But it's still an annoying thing that they should have thought about. Maybe it can be fixed in a firmware update, or you can just get a VGA to HDMI converter.

theMART- I'm pretty sure that it's been confirmed a long time ago that the PS3 will upscale 720p games to 1080p, as well as the old PS1 and PS2 games. Upscaling on the console doesn't matter anyway, because if you have a 1080p set, it should scale all 720p signals to fit all 1080p pixels on the screen. Upscaling via PS3 or 360 doesn't really matter if your TV can do the same thing, but I guess it's good talking points for Sony and MS.

TheMART6182d ago (Edited 6182d ago )

May I add something:

So Sony decided to put HDMI ports in the console, but delivers them with a composite cable?

Strange where True HD starts isn't it?

In addition to that: Sony wasn't every was and has to pay extra money to put in extra ports.

MS is smart and get's one DIGITAL outport. Where they can connect whatever they want. Now the standard cable with component and composite + DD fiber. Ofcourse the VGA cable is there and spring 2007 the HDMI cable. Cost effective, future proof when you need it. That means: when you DECIDE to buy HD-DVD and if BR may become the standard there will be a BR player. That's the time you'll need 1080p (if your TV displays it, which probably won't but be 720p at max) or 720p from the videosource.

Before that you'll be fine with this setup. Having 1080p upscaled or native games running through the component just fine (or 720p/1080i if you don't have a TV of 4000 dollars which I guess every PS3 owner will buy if I read their posts. not)

and @ ANdi

I didn't hear about PS3 upscaling ALL 720p games, really. Furthermore the upscaling can better be done by 360. The TV might slow down just depends on the quality of the hardware.

People could get different quality then. So I prefer 360 upscaling, as PS3 fans prefer the PS3 to do it also if it does

DJ6182d ago (Edited 6182d ago )

With a console that's being sold at almost a $200 loss, including a $100 HDMI cable that can only be used by a minority of TV owners would be foolhardy. You simply can't expect it.

Most people own SDTVs, so including composite cables seems like the right idea. It's gives consumers choice! The ultimate Microsoft idea. =]

Actually, the reason I don't mind is because I'm planning on buying Component Cables from Monster anyway. My HDTV only goes up to 1080i so there's no reason for me to ever use an HDMI cable. If it was included in the PS3 it would completely worthless to me. I think they should include component cables though since not everyone wants to go out and buy brand versions, but it's understandable why they didn't. The PS3 system has settings for visual output which automatically instruct it to upscale anything of smaller resolution to 1080p, should that setting be selected.

BTW, it's funny how you state that the 360 can upscale better than the PS3. Got any proof to back up that wild claim?

andy capps6182d ago

It doesn't bother me that the PS3 doesn't come with HDMI cables, I'll just get one online for less than $10. I'll be using it with a Sony 1080p native TV, so it will be worthwhile for me to have the HDMI output. But for most people, in DJ's situation (and theMART from your posts) then component cables are probably the way to go, and buying good component cables like DJ is doing is probably the way to go in that situation. Any component cables bundled with the PS3 would be crap as they would be cheap, but for HDMI it won't matter if you get a cheaper cable as it's a digital connection. As long as the signal is unbroken, it doesn't matter if you have a $10 HDMI cable or a $100 cable.

theMART- Don't understand why you'd prefer the Xbox 360 upscaling to 1080p over the PS3 upscaling 720p games to 1080p, upscaling is upscaling. And about the TV's and upscaling, the only ones that may cause a problem with is some of the Samsung DLP's, but even those have had the problem eliminated from what I have read. Most TV's these days have a gaming option where it will turn off the additional signal processing for different effects, but I don't even think that is needed on any of the current TV sets as they seem to be ok with upscaling signals just fine.

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