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Battlefield:BC Beta Coming to Xbox 360 ; No PS3 Beta Planned

REDWOOD CITY, Calif.– March 13, 2008– DICE, a studio of Electronic Arts Inc. today announced the multiplayer beta test for Battlefield: Bad Company on the Xbox 360 video game system from Microsoft. Battlefield: Bad Company will launch on the PLAYSTATION®3 computer entertainment system and Xbox 360 in June 2008.

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this was said last week
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link ?
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solar4521d ago

you lucky 360 guys! :D im a huge fan of the Battlefield series (which is why i hate CoD:4 :P ) and im excited and might actually jump into the online console realm to play this. even tho ill be free kills for anyone since i BLOW with a controller at fps's :(

Breakfast4521d ago (Edited 4521d ago )

Why dont you like both? I dont understand why people choose one thing over another. Both have there strong sides and week points but, theyre both good games.

O...and im really, really excited for this game.

4521d ago
ArmrdChaos4521d ago (Edited 4521d ago )

Is that your way of dealing with your pissed off feelings? posting the same ole regurgitated crap? If you don't have anything pertinent to add to the subject at hand (No PS3 Beta) then get the hell out of this thread...back to the open zone with you. In there you can pointlessly blabber about anything you heart desires...just like all the rest in the psycho ward.

etownone4521d ago

coming from an ex-pc gamer, the controller does take some getting used to. But once you do, it does have some adventages... like playing on your big screen while sitting comfortbly on your couch, and the rumble adds more immersion.

but if your stuck on mouse and keyboard, the Xbox has a hook-up called the XFPS connector that lets you use a mouse and keyboard (although i hear you must finely tune it to get it accurate) while the ps3 has what called FRAGFX (i think). Its a pretty cool set-up that uses a mouse and one handed controller that has an analog stick to move around and has rumble.

solar4521d ago

i dont see what the big problem is with console guys saying "i play comfortably sitting on my couch". i play my online PC games perfectly comfortably in my PC chair. thats one angle i cant grasp o.O i dont like controllers for online FPS's. you put the best controller fps player up against the best keyboard and mouse online player....and i will bet 100% on the keyboard and mouse player any day.

i play on a 1080p 46" Samsung right now for TF:2 PC version. yes the resolution isnt the same as a high end monitor...but seriously....why do console guys always fall back on "well im playing on a huge TV sitting on my couch" arguement?

perseus4520d ago

I think many people think of the average computer monitor as 27"-32", and the average TV as 32"-42". Anything bigger than those and you're getting into "rich person territory".

The vast majority of people can't afford to have a big TV and a big monitor, and so it's a pretty good point. It doesn't apply to everyone, like yourself, but it's still valid.

I'm an ex-PC Battlefield gamer too, by the way. It took me about 3 months with a PS3 to get used to the controls. I still suck compared to my old stats on BF2, but I'm having more fun now. Except when I play really good people. I tend to get slaughtered.

Guitarded4520d ago

For me it comes down to 3 things: 1)Cost to performance ratio. 2) Time consumtion. eg;Console:Pop any game in, possible 5-10 second update, then your playing. PC: DL from disc or web site, install, configure, DL patches, install, drivers, possible compatibility issues, CRASHING OF COMPUTERS ALL OVER THE WORLD... Sorry got carried away. To answer your question. 3) The same reason I don't have a Wii. I don't want to move my arms and/or my upper body to play a game. I game to relax, not get stiff and sore from a couple hours of gaming. Reclined in a chair or couch, is more comfotable than sitting upright or standing. Simple as that.

mikeslemonade4520d ago

360 getting these 3rd party betas isn't really selling point since not everyone will able to get into the beta, so not a huge deal in the grand scheme things. No body is going to walk into a store and say which system I can participate in betas because more often then not you won't be able to get in anyway.

lawman11084520d ago

Yet ANOTHER multi platform game that will be far and away better on the 360.

ikkokucrisis4520d ago

COD4 did not have a beta test period for the PS3, yet the final release turned out to be just as good as its 360 counterpart.

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Massacre4521d ago

Damn..luck sobs....I will be getting it at launch then.

Guitarded4520d ago

Capcom has said they couldn't do a beta on PSN and it looks like no one other than PS3 exclusive game makers are getting the info needed to make things happen on PSN. Rainbow Six Vegas 2 360 has 16 player online cap and PS3 has 14 players. Sony seems to be holding back on third parties.

power of Green 4521d ago

How do you get invited to betas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

iAmPS34521d ago

I said it once and I will repeat:

The reliability, quality and speed on PS3 gaming servers is unmatched by the other platform (read LagBox Can'tFixThis) and that is the reason Betas are a must for their system.

We just, Plug and Play.

Good luck in your Beta BOTS, hope they fix all the bugs for your system.

power of Green 4521d ago (Edited 4521d ago )

How though do I have to hang out in forums? to get invited?.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4521d ago

You sound sad.

COD4 remind you of anything.

Boo hoo, sniff sniff.

NovusTerminus4521d ago

I dont like how we get skipped for beta's. Its stupid, there is no reason for them to ignore the PS3. But whatever we still get the game.

kewlkat0074521d ago

I wish more gamers had the same attitude.

you know that "It is what it is" for now.

Your still getting the game..Right

xplosneer4521d ago

with both of you on both points.

pwnmaster30004521d ago

iamps3 atleast they have one im not a xbot im pro sony im just saying u cant say shiit wen we dont even have one

ps i still think pog is still a b!tch

power of Green 4521d ago

Its bot to you hence my user pic and my XBL pic.

iAmPS34521d ago

I see your point.

But some people think that Betas are a good thing other don't.

I personally don't like to Beta test, cause most Betas I took part I only got aggravated and disappointed with the game, cause like it or not you come into the game to test it and you will see all sorts of weird sh1t, and deep inside will make you think the game is not that wonderful. It's weird, it kinda brakes the magic of getting that sealed box on launch day and enjoy the experience as it's supposed to be, know what I mean?

Other people just love them case they get to play before anybody else.

Anybody else thinks like that?

pwnmaster30004521d ago

i agree with that comment srry for attacking u there. u make it more clear with the 2nd comment

iAmPS34521d ago

You see POG, In my opinion you are contributing to this community as much as a BLIND MIDGET to a BASKETBALL GAME.

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