Metal Gear Solid Movie Director Revealed ?


"This may seem like old news to some of you by now, but I just wanted to add my two cents to it. Now if you don't know, "Metal Gear Solid" looks like it'll be coming to a theater near you very soon. And it looks like Columbia Pictures has their eye on "Equilibrium" director Kurt Wimmer to write and direct. Let me just show you the article and I'll go on with what I have to say.

On the red carpet for Sony's upcoming Vegas crime caper 21, appropriately held at Vegas' Planet Hollywood Casino, had a few minutes to chat with the film's producer Michael De Luca--who mentioned that he was a fan of the site--and we talked with him about his new movie plus a few of his projects in the works."

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Silellak4497d ago

The writer/director of Ultraviolet handling Metal Gear Solid?

No, but thanks anyway. Who else you got?

<obligatory reference>
I guess I should just be happy it's not Uwe Boll.
</obligatory reference>

games4fun4497d ago (Edited 4497d ago )

ultraviolet was a piece of crap all flash no substance i couldnt even finish watching it on tv it was worth it. But equilibrium was good tho.

kojima could easily make a better movie

@silellak its just as bad if Uwe Boll were directing imo :(

i can already see it now the movie will be in your face about how its futuristic and have no storyline whatsoever and the story will only come in snipets because that is just so cool to ignore the story with flashy special effects that become bland an hour in

Tempist4497d ago

I think Mr. H Kojima is well suited to direct his own MGS movie. But that's Hollywood I guess.

But you know, they don't have to pander to Hollywood. I think they could easily make their own movie outside Hollywood and have it be very successful.

decapitator4497d ago

Hope this is actually a good movie though. I know the game will be awesome but am a bit skeptical about the movie.

lalilulelo4496d ago

i dont know about the movie either. i hope its good tho. who knows, it might end up like the FF advent children movie. it could be a good movie.

avacadosnorkel4497d ago

if they plan it as a trilogy it will be OK

decapitator4497d ago

Really? How so ? Wont that we dragging it a bit too far ?

jollygoodchap84497d ago

But Ultraviolet was complete balls. IMO he's more of a hit or miss type director.

Look at the bright side, Uwe Boll is NOT involved, as Kojima once said "it's impossible" LoL

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The story is too old to be commented.