DVD and Blu-Ray to get Price drop, PS3 Right around the corner?

A price drop in DVD's and BRDVD's is on its way. With these things in mind, There might be a possibility that the PlayStation 3 might get a price drop as well. With the PS3 and Blu-Ray discs getting the cut where it counts just pushes it more into the lead for consumers to grab tight and never let go(well...until the next console comes out)

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Silellak4497d ago

I really doubt the PS3 will get a price drop while it still selling better than the 360.

Expect a price drop only after the 360 gets one, which will likely be relatively soon. Right before GTA4 comes out would be most logical.

solar4497d ago

a price drop would be awesome for both consoles. but im kinda iffy on when it should happen. i see MS doing it for GTA IV...hoping that with a combination of its exclusive content will sell more consoles and copies...and Sony dropping the price before the release of MGS4. i dunno...its kinda just a hunch.

Silellak4497d ago

A price cut along with the MGS4 bundle would certainly be a double-wammy, but I wonder if Sony would rather see how the bundle sells WITHOUT a price cut first.

solar4497d ago

thats where im kinda iffy about when the cuts will happen. MGS4 is gonna be huge for sony as will GTA IV will be for MS. its either hold as is or slice dem prices! personally i wouldnt for either console...but i have a hunch both will.

MikeGdaGod4497d ago

they really need to drop the price of bluray movies. i have 2 hdtv's but i refuse to pay $30 for a movie, i don't care how good it looks.

i paid $600 for my PS3 and over $2500 total for my two tv's, so i'm ready to take the bluray plunge. but this is where i draw the line. maybe if the ps3 didn't upscale movies so well i wouldn't have a choice, but it does so i do.

$15 ($20 at the most) per movie and i'll start supporting. until then, nada.

EZCheez4497d ago

I have only paid $9.99 for. I also refuse to pay anything over $20 for a movie. I think even $20 is a stretch nowadays.

Thank goodness for the Exchange and it's crazy sales.

MikeGdaGod4497d ago

we gotta talk, i need to go shopping with you.

please send me a PM or chat later with a link. i gotta step my bluray game up.

sonarus4497d ago

ps3 will get price drop after 360. and the blu ray prices def need to come down

jmare4496d ago (Edited 4496d ago )

It's a double-edged sword. By cutting the price now, they'll increase sales and lose money per console sold. And if they keep the price the same, they make more money per console, but they lose out on some sales.

Genesis54496d ago (Edited 4496d ago )

Yes but with more units sold they can move more software and movies. Some people seem to forget that Sony makes the movies too.

theredfoxisquick4496d ago

It is not selling better in all markets though. Plus a price drop never hurts!

lawman11084496d ago

I have said from the get go I will NEVER pay $30 bucks for a BR dvd when I can get a "normal" dvd that runs in HD for $15 bucks. I guess that is starting to sink in and there muct be a HUGE pile of unsold BR discs around. The price of the disc has nothing to do with the price of a player and we all know that is the reason people buy PS3 is for BR

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iAmPS34497d ago

Sony presents: THE CHOICE

MrTeenie4497d ago

Who cares bout the PS3 cut I'm liking the Blu-ray movie price cut! Finally semi-affordable blu-ray movies! Would be great!

TheExecutive4497d ago

when are they supposed to go down?

heyheyhey4497d ago

i agree

time to buy some BD movies instead of torrenting everything

Kaz Hirai4497d ago

I've been thinking about dropping the PS3's price next month.......what do you think, Sony Soldiers? Just in time for GTA 4!
If those ARROGANT NAZISOFT SLUGS think they can "own" GTA 4's launch, they are sadly mistaken!


iAmPS34497d ago (Edited 4497d ago )

Well Kaz, sounds great to me!!

I am just afraid we finish this battle too soon and we won't have anybody eles to joke around =D

You know..... WiiKids are not worthy.


Kaz Hirai4497d ago

I know what you mean, iAmPS3, battling with those WiiKids would be far too easy- the entire Nintendouche fanbase these days seem to be 5 year olds!


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