Vampire Electronics

"The cause of 5% of the total energy crisis is something that should have been fixed long ago. The things that we leave plugged in siphon our power supply, are wasting our money, and doing harm to the environment. Simply because we cannot unplug our electronics!"
This is what the Vampire Electronics Team is stating. Their efforts are mainly concentrated on unplugging chargers and other things that are not usually in use. It is presumed that several corporations have already received emails about reforming their policies concerning vampire electronics.

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xsteinbachx4525d ago

I always wondered how much energy my ps3 consumed at idle. I hear it consumes more also when it's on Remote-play standby.

SolidSnake934525d ago

Yes, it consumes a large amount of energy along with chargers, PCs, cable boxes, and other game consoles. I never thought that things would consume so much when they were not in use.

TheExodus4525d ago

I'm more concerned about who my electronics are calling when I'm not home than how much power they're consuming when pretending to be asleep.

SolidSnake934525d ago

Lol, but in all seriousness they do consume a lot of energy, more than I thought.