Forza Motorsport 2 - Developer Interview

The Xbox Community Network recently caught up with Dan Greenawalt, Lead Game Designer, Forza Motorsport 2 and Che Chou, Community Manager, Turn 10 Studios to ask all about the new March Car Pack...

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iAmPS34494d ago

Dan Greenawalt you are a great guy but your little game will get hammered by GT5 in every aspect.

Nobody likes to race with plastic cars...

But, I will stop here, BOTS don't have any other "awesome" game to expect and I woun't kick the dead dog. I promise.

May Sony Gods Bless us All!!!

And BTW, BOTS now have a solution for their precipitated decisions:

ravinshield4494d ago

dont u get tired of posting in every 360 news,im pretty sure u still got a couple of blue-gay movies to finish watching if your that bored.or atleast rent some tv shows or movies off the the playstation store.

Phil Harrison Mk44494d ago

Will Dr.Spaceman remove xBot Slaves brains to!!! ;-D
Oh forgot they haven't got any!!! ;-D

ambientFLIER4493d ago

IAMPS3 -- When did forza 2 come out? When is GT5 coming out? By the time it does, there's probably going to be a Forza 3.

Plus Grid is coming.

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pp4494d ago

May Sony Gods Bless us All!!!. so i know where you home is up sony's ass

iceice1234493d ago

You lemmings really fear Forza huh? I understand why, it came in and WTFPWNED GT ASS!!

mjcrow334493d ago

I like both franchises,but I don't see how anyone can compare GT5 to Forza 2. It's not out yet! Yea I know blah blah blah.IMO Motorstorm had a lot better graphics than Forza,but it was'nt that great.I know some one's gonna say "fanboy" but I own all three systems.I'm sure when GT5 comes out it will be a year.

W S K4493d ago

@ IamPS3:"Nobody likes to race with plastic cars..." WTF!?!
Forza2 has car damage and GT5 who´s gonna drive with plastic cars!!!Don´t get this wrong...i love GT but Forza is going to stay for some while (maybe longer than GT. GT has amazing graphics REALLY AMAZING!!! sometimes i cnat tell the difference between real or ingame (i waited so long for that moment)but no damage, no weather, 2 second long infinity loop tire screeching...Both games are special in their own way.Still i think GT5 is the game who wants me to buy a PS3.