The Bar Trial of Jack Thompson (Part 1): Accused of Case-Fixing, Alabama Lawyer Fires Back

Gamepolitics reports:

"As previously reported by GamePolitics, Miami attorney and video game industry nemesis Jack Thompson underwent a career-threatening, nine-day trial on Florida Bar misconduct charges late last year.

As might be expected, the proceedings before Judge Dava Tunis produced no small amount of sparks. A ruling on the Bar's case against Thompson has not yet been issued by the Judge. Her decision is expected next month.

In the meantime, Thompson has filed a suit under Florida's False Claims Act against Judge Tunis as well as six justices of the Florida Supreme Court, alleging that written loyalty oaths required under state law were not properly completed, thus invalidating any rulings they might make - including, presumably, any ruling in the Thompson Bar trial. The false claims case is pending.

Although GamePolitics was unable to cover the Thompson Bar trial in person, we have obtained transcripts of the testimony provided by five prosecution witnesses, each of whom relates in some way to Thompson's ongoing crusade against violent video games. Included within the transcripts is Thompson's cross-examination of the witnesses. Some other prosecution witnesses whose testimony did not relate to video game issues were judged to be outside the scope of this GamePolitics investigative report and their testimony will not be included in these articles."

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fenderputty3866d ago

where he tells JT that he's in it for the money because a 10% charge was too much. Jack hasn't made any money off of video games because he hasn't won yet. That guy is a douche. I hope he is found guilty. I just hope that if he is found guilty, someone isn't waiting in line to replace him as king douche bag.

snoop_dizzle3866d ago

i think someone might replace him...but they wont be nearly as crazy or insane as him.

Mcrmarcher3866d ago

h8 this guys face, i just want to smack him..

CrazedFiend3866d ago

That would be violent, and just prove his point (@[email protected])

GETPWNT3866d ago

doesn't he realize he's going to be sued for calling destructoid child molesters???

hamsterfist3866d ago

Child Molestor, a little bit like getpwnt's avatar?

GETPWNT3866d ago

Where do you see children????? I don't. If you ever see any children in my avs, then u can talk. Until then, STFU. Your av SUUCKSSS.

GutZ313866d ago

Thompsons words for the dumb.


jinn3866d ago

we gamers shall attend his trial to defend him lol

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