Wipeout HD Interview - Part 2

PS3 Addict continues their interview with Colin Berry, Lead Designer on Wipeout HD.

Q: Can you tell us about some of the additional downloadable content that's going to be available?

A: We are still deciding exactly what downloadable content we will release for HD, but hopefully we will be releasing additional tracks which could include a mixture of old tracks and brand new ones. Additional ships and music are also on the list of downloadable content we hope to release. We are also looking into releasing an extra game mode or two via downloadable content, but the exact extent and feasibility of this, we are still looking into. So for the time being, nothing concrete, but plenty of options are available to us.

Q: You can use the SIXAXIS controller – where will you use it because we think steering at 100s of mph will be pretty difficult?

A: We are currently looking into this, we have a few ideas but we also share the concern of how useful full Sixaxis motion control will be at the highest speeds. There are however several ways we are looking into implementing it, it could end up linked into the weapon functionality or the ship pitch control it doesn't necessarily have to link to the direct steering control of the ship.

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