How a Cover System Spoiled Uncharted

Last week Shacknews finally bit the bullet and purchased a PlayStation 3 along with Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. That game is undoubtedly the prettiest belle at the ball and quite a joy in the gameplay department, so much so that they are actually finding themself drinking Sony's Kool-Aid, waving a banner for the HD revolution and preaching about set-top boxes and such.

But there's one problem: cover systems. Shacknews don't disagree with cover systems ideologically, because in many ways they bring action titles a bit closer to functional reality, in which players and characters alike take advantage of terrain and behave as though they're actually being shot at. But what's discouraging about the cover system, or more precisely the implementation of the cover system, is the ways in which it informs design choices across the board and cheapens action.

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Breakfast4840d ago

I no big fan of the cover system in this game. But i think pros in this game far out way the one con in this game.

HowarthsNJ4840d ago

This author doesn't like any of them.

Uncharted doesn't force you into cover unlike other games. You can run & gun (and die) if it pleases you :-)

InMyOpinion4840d ago

I prefer the cover systems found in RB6: Vegas and Gears Of War.

Gamer luv4840d ago

@ HowarthsNJ

Thats hes point, you can run n gun but not if you actualy want to get anywhere.

Its doing the exact thing you say it doesnt, force u into cover ......... or die.

games4fun4840d ago (Edited 4840d ago )

actually if you play on easy you rarely really need to take that much cover and it is half run/gun and half cover sometimes

but when you play on crushing run for cover and expect a tough time even taking a step, one or two bullets will kill you like in real life, in real life i would take cover or i'd be dead why should they do anything less?

you wanna survive a battle get your fing head down anyone who doesnt should stay home, the author should be commending how on crushing its as if you really are in a gunbattle because of how one or two bullets will kill you and dont even get me started on those [email protected] carrying shotguns can kill you on crushing

Genesis54840d ago

Well I liked to see him shoot his way out of some of those swarms without some kind of cover.Considering you don't have med packs.

EZCheez4840d ago

Yes. When you play on crushing you spend almost the entire time with your back to the wall waiting to poke your head out to get one or two shots off before they blow you away.

I thought the cover system worked great, and I think it works just as well as the cover system in Gears(Believe it or not I was playing both at the same time). And as far as cover systems, I can't really pin down the big differences, but I think RB6V had the worst feeling cover system of all of these games. There's something weird about going from first person to third while in cover that kind of messes up the gameplay (in my opinion).

games4fun4840d ago

exactly the one part where you jump down and there is water on the ground you can die so easily i had to kill five people in quick succession (5 headshots :) ) followed by some more killing and to top it off 2-3 badguys will jump down all carrying shotguns which will kill you with one fire and they take 3-5 bullets each

kosha4840d ago (Edited 4840d ago )

i thought it was one of the best bits (apart from the graphics of course they were amazing) and it gave alot of depth to the battles

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harpua4840d ago

isn't this the same cover system as Gears?

HowarthsNJ4840d ago

Uncharted's cover is activated by a button press near objects.

Hatchetforce4840d ago

It is a similar system yet works about a hundred times better. You don't have the accidental stick or hesitation when jumping an object. Uncharted perfected the system Gears from Killswitch.

hamsterfist4839d ago (Edited 4839d ago )


And how is that different from Gears? Last I checked you needed to use a button to stick to cover in Gears as well. Let me restate, you needed to push a button to initiate cover anyways.

HowarthsNJ4839d ago


I typed fast and replied too quickly.

Gears uses the cover button to crouch/run as well - you stick to cover when you don't want to sometimes.

I wanted to say "uncharted uses an exclusive cover button near objects", but that didn't sound right either.

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DJ4840d ago

Had the entire game been a run-and-gun shooter, it would have lost a lot of the strategy and overall fun factor. And it's actually because of the cover system that the latter segment of the game becomes so treacherous and liberating.

ianp6224840d ago

I liked the cover system, but I think the game could've been better if there was both more platforming and more of a mingling of platforming with gunfights. For example, have enemies shoot at you while trying to navigate different obstacles (like the waterfall and jeep part).

I have a feeling this author didn't play the game on Crushing, because then cover isn't so much of a safe retreat place as it is a temporary reload spot. There were some parts that were really difficult because enemies came in from all around you, and you had to change to different pieces of cover.

games4fun4840d ago

after beating it on crushing there is no doubt in my mind that a cover system is required what are you going to do magically dodge bullets when it only takes on or two to take you down without cover?

EZCheez4840d ago

Ones that actually required a brain. That, to me, is the only thing that Tomb Raider does better than this game.

games4fun4840d ago

i cant stop agreeing with you apparently :) it was the only thing missing to really destroy the tomb raider series, it still beat it but the next one should get some more complex puzzles

jmare4840d ago

It's not that the puzzles weren't hard, it's that instead of giving hints, the diary gave the answers. I'm sure the puzzles would've been tougher without the diary.

ianp6224840d ago

I agree, the puzzles weren't really good. I also think that it would've been better if the journal gave hints instead of solutions, but regardless, all of the puzzles were simply matching symbols, which isn't really puzzle solving.

Some interesting variants of symbol matching would be if rotating certain statues caused others to move as well, or if opening one door closed another, etc.

I appreciate the change in pace from the puzzles, but I think the platforming is just as easy going and welcome after intense gunfights.

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