Summon Night: Twin Age Stateside In May

The Summon Night RPG series has quite a few faces, from the strategy RPG feel of the original games to the Tales-ish action combat of the GBA versions. Get ready to see yet another face as Atlus brings Summon Night Twin Age: Seireitachi no Koe stateside this May. Simply titled Summon Night: Twin Age for its North American release, the DS title feature action RPG combat more akin to the Ys series than anything previously featured in the series, promising a rich story, item crafting, beast conjuring, and the ability to forge relationships with your party members. The story revolves around a young summoner named Reiha and her summon beast friend Aldo, who embark on a quest to discover what mysterious force is corrupting the nature spirits. If you ask me, I blame society. Summon Night: Twin Age is due out May 20th for the Nintendo DS.

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