Ex Microsoft Security Member Explains How to Hack Windows Vista

Ever wondered just how smart a smartcard is, from the security perspective? Obviously there are problems as detailed in a DaniWeb blog posting last month which described how hackers can exploit hardware RFID weaknesses to access credit card account data for example. But now a former member of the team which helped develop security for the Microsoft smartcard program, Dan Griffin, has apparently decided to go ahead and expose how to attack the smartcard middleware plug-in for Vista systems.

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decapitator4495d ago

Talking about Backstabbing. I wonder what Microsoft did to make this dude spill the company jewels.

Goodfella784495d ago

he was onto his 30th 360,and was fed up with his ex teams customer support[lol].or maybe bill made him switch from xp to vista on his home pc.peace out.....

DethWish4494d ago

You can actually still use Vista after the trial has went out and the "Register now" screen appears.

Just press register online, an Internet Explorer window will show, then type c:\ in the destination bar and you'll get to the main HDD, able to launch all programs and stuff. >.<

Even managed to get the Start Menu bar up again by installing Warcraft 3