Analyst: EA's Riccitiello 'Disrespectful' Towards Rockstar - Could Rockstar go Independent?

Gamedaily.Biz wirtes: "Any talk of Electronic Arts being a "white knight" for Rockstar Games is "total bullsh*t," one analyst told GameDaily BIZ. Could Rockstar go independent?

As Electronic Arts continues to pursue its hostile takeover of Take-Two Interactive, EA Chief Executive John Riccitiello made some interesting comments to The New York Times recently. In particular, when asked about Rockstar and what effect a buyout would have, he asserted, "We, in many ways, represent a white knight." The argument is that EA could offer Rockstar a stable company that can distribute the blockbuster GTA franchise and other titles to a broader audience.

But does Rockstar even need a white knight? Given the developer's pedigree, couldn't they survive just fine on their own? GameDaily BIZ chatted with a few leading game industry analysts to get their thoughts on the matter."

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Cyrus3653869d ago

It's interesting to see if Rockstar could go independent, but they don't own the GTA they'd lose that.