Windows Vista SP1 Officially Released; Impressions

Some of the more apparent fixes include file copying ETA being more accurate, UAC should pop up a bit less in certain areas, and DirectX has been fixed to support DX9, DX10, and DX10.1 hardware. They also fixed WGA to fix the two most common exploits of the system and they've added some more support for third party search solutions.

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decapitator3958d ago

verdict guys ? Who here have Vista and will be getting this update ? Care to give us some impressions ?

Darkiewonder3958d ago

going to update but without the service pack my computer has been running flawlessly.

mighty_douche3958d ago

I'm a little nervious :P

Oh here a link for the SP1 download from offical MS site...

lethbridge3958d ago (Edited 3958d ago )

Already downloaded it, pressed the install button an walked away. Came back about an hour later and it was all done. There is no problems whatsoever, the installed RAM now reports correctly. But honestly, I never understood why everybody hated Vista anyways, I have never had anything bad to say about it, it has always worked perfectly for me.

thehitman3958d ago (Edited 3958d ago )

I feel the same way as you do. I installed vista as well and I have very few problems with Vista less with Vista then with XP and XP is more developed. I think people were to quick to judge Vista because I remeber when xp first came out and ppl were like omg xp sucks dont get it its buggy. Vista isnt even that buggy. The only problem Vista has is it requires more memory so if your one of those people who trying to upgrade your xp to vista most likely you dont have enough ram to handle it unless you added some or had a lot to begin with. Which is unlikely unless your a gamer with high comp specs. I use to run vista with 512mb of ram and it ran fine for awhile until I started getting heavy with my pc gaming. Then I added a gig of ram and it works perfectly.

What I really need is a graphic card Vista rates it as a 1 while everything else is around 4.

Percy3958d ago

I dont hate vista because there are that many problems other than the fact that getting decent drivers for most hardware is a deadache. The reason i decided to go back to xp is that vista is slow. simple as that my computer running xp constantly had at least 20 more frames per second on any game that i played. vista is cool and has a lot of nice features but i like to play games. xp is better for playing games simple as that.

Charmers3958d ago

I said this in another news story, the reason people don't like Vista is down to the speed of it. Every time I buy a PC part, I do so because that part is faster, more efficient, smaller and cheaper. Every single part of the PC except of course Vista, with Vista it is slower than XP, less efficient than XP, larger than XP and more expensive than XP. If Vista was any other PC part people would be laughing at it, yet we find it acceptable because it is an OS.

As for the "patch" from what I have seen the patch actually makes Vista SLOWER, I mean come on here this is getting beyond a joke.