Lumines Live now on Marketplace!

Lumines Live at last available on Marketplace as expected!

You can download Lumines trial with a 50.61mb download. If you want the full version and play against your friends, it'll set you back 1200 points. But even that price is still less then other versions, like the PSP one!

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Liarlair5893d ago

I bought my with about 22USD(The best),so how many does 1200 points cost?
Anyway,it is a pretty good game,so dont ruin this one with the fanboys war.

Schmitty075893d ago


Mikey_Gee5893d ago

1250 points will cost you $22 after tax.

kewlkat0075893d ago

I had this for my PSP. Then I sold my PSP for a DS. Fun addictive game though. I like the music.

zonetrooper55893d ago

1200 points is quite alot for an arcade game but most people will still buy it.

Islandkiwi5893d ago

I like the look of this game, but I'm at work...anyone downloaded and played it yet?

Mikey_Gee5893d ago

I am liking it, BUT ... 1200 points ... hmm, not sure I am willing to pay that for it.

I mean that is about what the GRAW full expansion cost.

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