Gamezone: Command & Destroy Review

Given how small these screens are, Gamezone wasn't expecting any monumental designs. But some clarity would have been nice. In addition to the lousy map display, which can't be fully unearthed in levels where water and other barriers prevent you from exploring past a certain area, the unit designs are much too small and too plain. You won't have to squint to see them but that's how it will feel at times. There is no zoom function and the camera can't be altered. Some things are forgivable on a handheld, but if too many things need forgiving, you have to ask yourself: was this game right for the DS?

Command and Destroy is a half-decent effort that doesn't live up to the legacy created by the game it mimics. The technical issues might explain why Command and Conquer hasn't come to the latest generation of handhelds.

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