COD4 PS3 hack demonstration


"Reader billysastard wrote in to let us know about a COD4 PS3 hack that allows unlimited weapons/ammo, aimbot, see names through walls, walk through walls and more."

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CRIMS0N_W0LF3868d ago

All hackers should be banned.

and no, not account ban. Have his playstation 3 banned.

This also includes that X360 God Mode f4ggot. BAN HIM!! BAN THEM!

skynidas3868d ago

YEAH they should get banned

gamesR4fun3868d ago

dont forget to tar and feather them too

h8 the cheaters but Id rather have someone tell us whats up then b in the dark.

Cryos3868d ago

isn't there a difference between a hack and exploiting a glitch?

godofthunder103867d ago

i'm posting this article about jadenkorri.i never would be doing this if he wouldn't be posting our privatly sent messages all over ng4 and he's only trying to make his self look good and he's the one that started it all.the first time i heard from him was when i wrote an article about the 360 and ps3 saying that they were both good systems.he turned around and posted an article saying that i was stupid and i must be from the U.S because i can't spell.well now he's posting only what he want to post to make his self look good but he's not posting the bad stuff he said so here's one that he sent me saying how proud he was of his country because they burnrd down the white house years.i'll admit that i cut his country down but that's after he started with the U.S here's his email to me bragging about how his country burned down the white house years ago.

1 day 10 hours ago | By: jadenkorri | Block

so did u block me or it matters...u feel sorry for me...well same goes for you...sounds like your purposely following and reading my posts.....someone has a crush...btw I'm not into that sort of thing FYI....I give a point up for actually not swearing as much as the last one....You are however just degrading yourself by sending these msgs, and i have no problem posting them myself... lastly....I'm proud of my country, we are the only country in the world that has burned down the white house...that should give you an idea were I'm from and no i would not want to be an American, but i have nothing really against Americans with the exception of you...

kidrobot3867d ago (Edited 3867d ago )

Man I Got Banned Right Now From A Server In SoF1... I Wasn't Hackin, The Kid I Called B*tch Was The One Hackin(Everybody Usin Glitches 'n Sh*t...Why nobody Can Play How It's Supposed To Be??? I Guess Is That When One In The Group Try To Kick His Game Up Cheatin, Everybody Just Follow Him Cause They Don't Want To Lose. I'll Keep Losin' Yeah! But I'm Winnin On The Other Side Cause If The Server Holds 50Pts 'n I'm Makin 30-45 On A Good Day 'n 15-25 On A Normal Day @ Least That's Winnin To Me. I Shoot @ Their Fuc*in Heads 'n They Don't Die...Riiight...But U Can Catch Me With A Shotgun Bullet From Like 8 Rooms Away!? WACK PLAYERS) I Just Called A B*tch(UnknownError) B*tch... The MuthaFuc*a Was Callin A Kid Newbie 'n Sh*t; The Kid Was Chillin, Without Sayin Anythin... I Mean The Kid Even Said Hi To Him... Seems That The B*tch Ass Geek That Must Be On The Other Side (UnknownError) Thought It'll Be "BaddAss"(Wack-Ass Way To Describe @ Somethin) If He Call Him "Newbie","Noob& quot;,"No0b" 'n All The Other Sh*t... He Got Me Banned...HaHaHaHaHaHa.


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Forbidden_Darkness3868d ago

i cant watch the video but is there proof that this is the ps3 their doing it on? because it could be the PC.

Proxy3868d ago (Edited 3868d ago )

I know some below this post are claiming it's really footage of the PC game.

But remember, PC doesn't have pretige mode, yet we clearly see pretige mode icons in this video. Also, notice the X and O and Start and Select button icons that appear throughout the video.

From what I've read on the forum where this was first revealed, this is a PS3 only hack, which somehow employs an external HDD. Colored names were fairly rare, and that was easy to do, even if this is released the fact that it requires additional hardware would hopefully keep it somewhat in check. "pHaez" (his PSN name, according to him) who made this has indicated that he will not release it to the public. However, I suspect he may have friends who he would leak it to, who may again leak it, and then all of a sudden it's public.

Hopefully Sony/IW will make efforts to patch/fix any hacking issues that arise, and also enforce the PSN user agreement which allows them to dicipline hackers.

Booyah3867d ago

I can't see any X, O or Start - Select...... can you precisely tell where they are

SRuN43868d ago

It's PS3, I just saw my friends name.

Blasphemy3868d ago (Edited 3868d ago )

Damn this sucks at least InfinityWard knows of the problem. The guy who is playing it sucks anyway. He pretty much has a UAV all game and he just sits in corners and camp. I don't get him. He told IW about the problem but then posts how to do it so the world can know?

Drekken3868d ago

that will make sure they patch it that much faster. If everyone is doing it then it gives IW more incentive to FIX IT!

Nevers3868d ago (Edited 3868d ago )

...and got flamed to all hell ... Hopefully this is just the PC version but...

NOTHING can be hack proof forever people. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. And when hackers announce they have a hack, it's usually a finished hack they're declaring; which means they've been hacking in for ages trying test the hack during creation.

JoelR3868d ago

software can be hacked - especially the packets - for this to work it obviously has to go through a proxy server that is analyzing the packets. AKA IW will add more encryption with the new patch to break this hack.
but the PS3 itself has held up well against hackers (aka the hardware)

Premonition3868d ago

Um this is a game, it has nothing to do with the PS3, and as for the hardware side of PS3 nope, so stop actin like your high and all mighty because you act like PS3 games cant be hacked, no one said games on PS3's couldnt be hacked mr wise guy.