Carmack endorses Wolfenstein developers as sharpest he’s ever worked with

John carmack endorses Wolfenstien developers.

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mayberry3000d ago

If Carmack likes these guys, they must be good.

1nsomniac2999d ago

It's Starbreeze, these are the only guys who have brought innovation this & last generation, plus their gameplay & story have been some of the best also!

Venox20082999d ago

Riddick EFBB was frikkin awesome, I hope that this game will be great too

TheUndertaker852999d ago

Eh, most of the work Starbreeze has done is forgettable. The Riddick titles were ok but nothing that blew my mind.

Not a fan of John Carmack anyway. Throughout the past decade he's done more talking about making games rather than delivering solid titles. Plus I see this as if Starbreeze succeeds in making a great Wolfenstein title he'll be right there to take credit in some form, putting himself in the picture for being part of the original team.

In my opinion the industry needs less talk and more action. Carmack isn't the only offender either, this I know.

TechnicianTed2999d ago (Edited 2999d ago )

Starbreeze made Riddick which was one of the best games of all time. You seriously don't have a clue what you are talking about do you? Were you born in the last two decades?

You probably were. I'm not saying they've been immaculate devs, but you strike me as someone who hasn't gamed for a long time. And have decided to spout out nonsense.

'Not a fan of John Carmack anyway.'

Did he talk about a certain console in an unflattering light? Yeah, it was crap to develop for.

TheUndertaker852999d ago (Edited 2999d ago )

Way to judge without knowing or investigating.

I started gaming with Atari when I was a wee one. Had hands on time with every Nintendo product out there, had a Sega at one point and even the Dreamcast. Game Gear was a beast for its time but took waaaayyyy too many batteries. Owned all of the Playstation systems including revisions, had a PSP & also Go. Have a Vita now. Had hands on time with Xbox and the 360, I've gamed on PC and tablet. Saw phones get Snake, their first real jump into mainstream mobile gaming which still wasn't much.

Plus the funny part is if you read my first bit in the previous post, you can see me address the Riddick titles specifically. The better part is in it, where did I say anything about any individual system? Oh, I didn't.

But hey, let's talk nonsense. FYI: 85 my friend, 85. It stands for something. But sorry I know where I've been and why I choose to support a product now that offers the most to myself and the family I have now. I was under the impression people were allowed to make decisions and purchases based on their personal preferences and needs, not those of random trolls online with nothing better to do but question others choices before looking at their own.

I state again. John Carmack has been nothing but talk for the good part of the past decade, quick to speak without having a solid title in this generation to fall on.

Oh, and thanks for showing how much I apparently mean to you. I'm sure your little rant here has to do with my post about PCs in another particular topic. My opinion there will stay the same too. That's why it's my opinion. ;)

dcbronco2999d ago (Edited 2999d ago )

Maybe Carmack hasn't been making as many games because he was busy teaching himself Aerospace Engineering and starting a company to make Lunar landers and space rockets. His company, Armadillo Aerospace, got a grant from NASA to continue their work on their prototype lander. So considering plans to return to the moon soon he is just a little bit busy right now.

BakedGoods2999d ago

The Riddick games were great, especially if you consider the original XBox version was years ahead of anything at that time--so much so when they re-released it for next-gen consoles they barely had to 'upgrade' it.

Syndicate definitely did stray from the original, but the gameplay was fresh and was incredibly stylized.

Carmack has always been a 'tech' guy, so I generally don't take his gameplay-comments too seriously. But still, he's an industry vet and probably seen it all, so if he likes what he sees at Starbreeze--I'm down.

sandman2242999d ago

Dumb dumb dumb. Wolfenstein was an amazing game when I was a kid. I was so hooked on fps. I loved the hidden passages and the great sound effects. I say dumd because as big as a title as wolf, it needs to be brought into the next gen erra. Ps4 720 PC. It could be a monstrous hit if the CEO' s or who ever decided to make it current gen maned up and took a risk to see what would happen if we made it amazing next gen amazing. Someone needs to kick the person responsible for this idiotic plan in the nuts and sleep with his wife.

mayberry2999d ago

I'd guess because he is at the forfront of ps4 development, he will be selective on what devs he endorses.