Rainbow Six Vegas 2: Xbox 360 Vs PlayStation 3

Rainbow Six Vegas 2 is released for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on March 20, but if you own both consoles, which version should you buy? Read on for's verdict on which version looks the best, has the best online functionality and more. If you only care about the graphics, head straight to their comparison screenshots.

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CRIMS0N_W0LF3869d ago (Edited 3869d ago )

Oh god, not comparism again. There is barely any difference. Who got both consoles buy on which you have most friends online and/or prefer controller.

Also this comparism sucks nerfing PS3 for not having rumble. A lot of people have DS3 already.

Also PS3 has an alternative controller for FPS which makes X360 controller looks like a noobcake. FragFX.

sonarus3869d ago

to be 100% honest from those screens i can't see any difference. except ps3 handles lighting a little differently like the devs said. 360 has more color but that doesn't really matter to me

CRIMS0N_W0LF3869d ago (Edited 3869d ago )

OMG who disagreed?


You disagreed to buying the version which you have more friends online and you prefer the controller?

yay for disagree bots

InYourMom (Which everyone on this site knows you are biased)
Mouse > Joypad for FPS by millions. Joypad can never be better then mouse in FPS.

Breakfast3869d ago

lol. You can never win on this site.

InYourMom3869d ago (Edited 3869d ago )

Maybe you are getting disagree's because you talking about the FragFX and how it makes a 360 controller for n00bs which is BS.


"Using words such as Xbots and Sony droids, or other words from the console war vocabulary, is strictly prohibited in this Zone."

JsonHenry3869d ago

Who the hell disagreed with the guy?!

thirstycamel3869d ago

I've got the exact same controller from split fish. I haven't really had a chance to use it much though(been playing alot of NHL08 and just picked up MLB08). But this game might be just the thing to give my FragFX the workout she so desperately desires.

As far as these comparisons go, I'm really getting tired of them. The differences are so minute at this point, I mean is it really worth it. Just more fuel to the fire, I guess(flame on!).

XBOX 3603869d ago

Game looks almost exactly the same on both consoles. Good job Ubisoft, no need for a flame war.

kornbeaner3869d ago

How does the FragFX handle, because I have been seriously thinking about it, Cause FPS's on console with a gamepad is not my cup of tea.
For RTS and FPS, I gotta have me a mouse.

solidt123869d ago

Well at least this time they stated how they had the systems connected and if they have Full RGB on or not. the game looks great. I will pick it up next week. I love this game

godofthunder103868d ago

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Breakfast3869d ago

Why do ps3 games always look brighter than the xbox game in these comparisons?

OmegaKulu3869d ago

It's call hardware difference, like how different TVs have their own native setting for brightness/gamma. It is up to the users to change that TV setting to what they see fit.

Genesis53869d ago (Edited 3869d ago )

I refuse to get to petty squabbles over comparisons like this anymore. The games look virtually identical.Whats to fight over.

gonzopia3869d ago (Edited 3869d ago )

Most of them are virtually the same, but the Xbox 360 again looks like someone cranked the contrast too high (for my liking) and the skin tones look washed out. I'm normally on the fence about these comparisons, but for this one my two cents is - the PS3 looks better.

...not that I plan to buy it anyways.

athlon7703868d ago

I was thinking I was the only one to notice that. Some comments on here are saying the 360 version looks better, but to my eyes (from the screen shots) they either look identical, or in two of the screen shots, the ps3 had better color, and in the thermal, was more fluid without the color banding. I will be picking this up for the 360 however. Not because the 360 has feedback because I own a DualShock for the PS3, but because of all my friends. I enjoyed the original Vegas on the 360 and two of my friends are already playing vegas2 (the lucky jerks)! I am hoping to find a copy tonight or tomorrow so I can join them.

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SuperSaiyan43869d ago

The PS3 version has less jaggies and looks smoother but as usual the colours are washed out.

The Xbox 360 version looks more colourful but has jaggies in some areas now this is something I cannot understand, the 10mb of EDRAM is supposed to offer up free anti aliasing so am confused to see why jaggies still exist in Xbox 360 games.

Both versions have their ups and downs on the graphics so I call a tie not as different as the first game but I wish they had used a HDMI Xbox 360 in their comparison.

Breakfast3869d ago

Why cant you just look at them and call them the same... Theres basically no difference unless you have a magnifying glass.

SUP3R3869d ago (Edited 3869d ago )

It doesn't matter to me, but it actually is visible without much inspection.
The PS3 has better AA, but I would say more skin toned colors than washed out, while 360 version's color is a lot brighter, but less AA. I would compare it as 2xAA for 360 and 4xAA for PS3.
Other than that they're both the same, epecially where it counts....the gameplay.

InMyOpinion3869d ago

It's very hard to tell what the games look like judging from screenshots. Most games give you a different impression when you see them running live, on a tv.

adalwolfe3869d ago

You cannot judge a game purely by the screenshots. So obviously your 'opinion' is invalid. The reviewer compared both consoles side by side. And after thoroughly going over the graphics/sound/gameplay he has come to the conclusion that the 360 version is better.

Sure you can go off an buy extra peripherals for the ps3, that may make it equivalent to the obviously superior 360 version (even though the p3 costs more then the 360 to begin with) but that is defeating the point of the comparison since you can also buy more peripherals for the 360 as well.

Its obvious as day to me that the 360 is the better console in this war, you guys just have to suck it up... you bought a machine due to the hype of its "specs".. the mysterious cell.. and now you have to pay for your naivety. Sony did the same thing last generation with the ps2 hyping up the 'emotion engine', making everyone believe it was superior, but we all know dreamcast was the superior console graphically. Only trouble is that there are a lot of suckers in this world that bought into the ps2. This generation people are more intelligent, that is why sony is loosing.

It has been 2 years.. Just admit it already.. the 360 is better for gaming, it has better framerates and better exclusives and it is cheaper. Sony has lost this generation, the only reason it is around is because it has blueray, and its endless promises to one day be something 'equivalent', and of course the suckers that believe in it.

snyper8313868d ago

I agreen with adalwolfe, the 360 is clearly the better system with the best games. Gamers need to open their eyes the ps3 is not what sony claim it would be.

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power of Green 3869d ago (Edited 3869d ago )

PS3 version seem slightly washed out and has worse contrast If you look at the two top pics and look at the buildings on the left of each pic you can see the 360 version has greater detail in the brick wall. Two bottom pics the background has slightly clearer detail in the 360 version (plywood knots etc). Clearly they held this game back because of PS3.

Top two pics the 360 version looks more natural while the PS3 version looks more warm either that or there is real time weather and lighting change going on and the two version are not matched up I'm guessing thats a cutscene?..

Enlarging the pics the 360 version seemed to have more jaggies but when the pics resized back to a smaller size both had jaggies in the same spots.

Danja3869d ago

sure dude....the game was held back bcuz of the PS3..YOU FAIL...

the PS3 has better looking games than try again...

and there's jaggies in the 360 version

CRIMS0N_W0LF3869d ago

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Diugu3869d ago

Cool the Mart. You have an amazing eye because to me they both look the same.

doodle3869d ago

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gambare3869d ago (Edited 3869d ago )

or the mart as some one discovered

the ps3 version looks a little bit more clean but there will be always differences

power of Green 3869d ago

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doodle3869d ago

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3869d ago
Snukadaman3869d ago

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DarkSniper3869d ago

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power of Green 3869d ago (Edited 3869d ago )

Look at you ass hurt idiots in here wasting your bubbles talking sh8t as if you talking sh8t will make PS3 more capable.

Its alright go ahead and use me as the punching bag its ok to vent on me.

The Devs should have just used the PS3 as lead working on the lowest common denominator if they were just going to hold back the 360 version just to get the PS3 version on par with the first one with this sequel.

Working on the lowest common denominator using PS3 as lead gimps games by default and no one will admit it I'm suprized reviewers still have enough balls to admit PS3 games don't compare PS3 fanboys scare most of them to the point where they lie about sh8t or won't point out things.

power of Green 3869d ago

"If you look at the two top pics and look at the buildings on the RIGHT not *left* of each pic you can see the 360 version has greater detail in the brick wall.

Right side not left.


PS3 version has better AA if u cant see that then your blind and probably an Xbot).

Guitarded3869d ago

While the superior XBOX LIVE has 16 players. Did anyone read the article? Did you all skip the online portion of the comparison? Did you just assume that LIVE would win out in online funtionality? Rightly so, it would appear.

WIIIS13869d ago

Lol @ doodle aka nasim aka tidus aka shmee aka biggest psdroid ever accusing others of having multiple accounts.

otherZinc3868d ago

The study was done with the PS3 in HDMI & the 360 in Component. So it will look that much better on the 360 if settings were the same.

Also, on the back of the PS3 box the game is made in 720 only!, the 360 is made in 720/1080i/& 1080P.

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Danja3869d ago

well I will be getting the PS3 ways this comparison is crappy..why not wait till the game is out b4 we judge it

Daishi3869d ago

Well that's the point of a comparison, so people can share their opinions before the game is released and you can make a more educated decision buying it.

Groo3868d ago

I own both consoles, and I know I shouldn't Bring up COD4 cause its not the same game at all, but I have COD4 for both and I still prefer the PS3 version, I've owned a 360 for almost 2 years now and I will probably continue to play exclusive stuff on it, but to say the 360 version is better for this game its just crazy. I used to believe the 360 version of any game would be far better than the PS3's because the PS3 got crappy ports of the games, until I bought a PS3 and played COD4 for it. Its the same game for both like COD4 is for both. But if you want the opinion of a guy that has been die hard 360 fan and has just recently purchased a PS3, (keep in mind only owning COD4 for PS3) I'd pick up the PS3 version.