10 Songs Crying Out To Be In Guitar Hero 4

Stuart Heritage of Heckler Spray writes: "By Christ, Guitar Hero has taken over our lives in a bad way - to the extent that our left hand is now nothing more than a withered arthritic stump.

But something worries us - the next Guitar Hero expansion pack is going to be about Aerosmith alone. And, obviously, the trouble with that is that Aerosmith are a giant sack of donkey bums. By copping out this badly, Neversoft had better pull its finger out and make sure that Guitar Hero 4 is full of songs that don't make us want to lose the will to live. Songs like these."

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doncorleone73866d ago

I wouldn't buy Guitar Hero ever again if those songs were on it (except Iron Maiden)

Tempist3867d ago

Come on, guitar hero is done. It's really worn out it's welcome. Rock Band has spoiled people and you know, I'm glad it's helped push people to playing together instead of playing by themselves as people watch.

Guitar Hero has really worn out it's welcome.

Tyler Durden3867d ago

about wearing out its welcome but if they are going to do a final guitar hero they should put the ability to put custom songs like that they dont have to release another one and thats pretty much the only way ill ever get to play Stairway to Heaven

staub913867d ago

Im not a huge fan of AC\DC, but this song would be great to have on the game.

Farsendor13867d ago

wish they would put more modern songs on guitar hero.

Adamalicious3867d ago

Pretty lame list. E-Pro?? That would work OK for Rock Band, but the guitar part is really really simple and really really repetitive - that equals not good for Guitar Hero.

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