Street Fighter: The Evolution of Ken and Ryu

Ken and Ryu are cultural icons. Legends. Even most non-gamers, assuming they have at least a cursory knowledge of '90s pop culture, can recognize them.

Ten years after Street Fighter III, Street Fighter IV is about to cement the formidable duo into the collective consciousness of a new generation. In celebration, Games Radar are taking a look at how they became legends in the first place, one game at a time.

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Keowrath3956d ago

Haha, I had Street Fighter or rather Fighting Street on the PC-Engine CD arcade perfect right down to being nigh on unplayable!

Good old Ryu and his bright red hair

VirusE3956d ago

I bought my turbo cd rom for this game and YS. It wasnt even possible to do the special moves with out using a code and if you did use the special moves you could just own the cpu all day long. Good thing YS rocked lol.

deeznuts3956d ago

Ahh memories of SFII. SFII Championship Edition, my favorite one. The first where Ken and Ryu had different abilities ...

VirusE3956d ago

The one thing i have always wanted to know is how the hell did ken end up with the flaming dragon punch? Ryu used this move on sagat at the end of street fighter and that is how he got his scar. Yet he cant even do the move?!?!? I think ryu should have gotten the dragon punch stuff and ken the fireball stuff.

Itachi3956d ago

flaming dragon punch rules ken rules

hadoken a bit boring

RecSpec3955d ago

America's all about the flashiness baby!

KidMakeshift3956d ago

This needs a video montage w/ Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On"

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