PlayStation 3 quality racer in your web browser

From "Thirdeye-T has announced the May 2008 launch of, a flagship social networking and gaming site. Powered by ThirdEye-T's HoolaNet software, promises to combine a PlayStation 3 quality street-car racing game, with social networking, dating, movies, celebrity-making, music capabilities and an in-game comic."

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DFresh4498d ago

As a Sony fan I can say the PS3 is the best console around period in every category but the web browser needs to be fixed.

BaSeBaLlKiD7214498d ago

i agree, they should fix it to allow people watch videos on websites other than youtube like on gametrailers, etc. and of course fix that annoying java error thing that always happen when i try to go on

whoelse4498d ago

Yeah its too slow.

The PS3 can perform actions like copying music and videos from one place to another lightening fast but it cant browse the web nearly as fast as any PC web browser. Needs more memory, better flash, more functions like copy and paste, and finally, better speed!

Thank you :)

chaosatom3334498d ago

lets put that browser to good use.

sonarus4498d ago (Edited 4498d ago )

its sad ps3 browser doesn't used. Hopefully when they add in game xmb, web browser also gets included/ able to pause and browse websites should be pretty sweet. can't wait to check this out

iAmPS34498d ago

The standard PS3 browser is a humble browser when compared to Firefox but, if you are really into browsing all you have to do is:

Install LINUX and OPERA on your PS3 and *KABOON* you have the ultimate experience.

OMG, is this PS3 flexible or what???

May Sony Gods Bless Us All.

spandexxking4498d ago

but its a pain switching between the two OS' But i do it anyway:(

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