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While Rainbow Six Vegas 2 feels more like an add-on than a proper sequel, that shouldn't stop you picking Ubisoft's latest up. The gun-play is excellent, the production values are top notch and the multiplayer game modes will keep you coming back months down the line. As long as you're not expecting a complete overhaul of the gameplay seen in the original, Vegas 2 will provide plenty of terrorist hunting fun.

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Blademask3869d ago

On the other hand, it can get knocked for "more of the same"

Game on.

Violater3869d ago

I guess it depends on how good that "same" was to begin with.

sak5003869d ago

Its nice not bad if you like tactics more than rush and gun of COD4. Gfx are not on the scale of COD4 and more like the earlier version.On realistic is damn difficult.

BaSeBaLlKiD7213869d ago

get the game yet or its still not in stores even though the release date was 3/18...

i cant wait for this game!!! hopefully this game will keep me busy between school and baseball for a long time...