Brand New Details on Alliance: The Silent War!

Alliance: The Silent War, a title likely unknown to all but the most fervent gamers, is actually a smash-hit in the making. Here at PS3Land we had the opportunity to interview Asi Lang, CEO of Windward Mark Interactive, to bring you an inside scoop on this incredible next-gen title.

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Tut5895d ago

This is going to be an awesome game. Shadow Hearts kind of had the historical points thrown in but that was RPG-based. I will definitely be purchasing this game.

NoUseMerc5895d ago

Glad you liked the interview. I wish more people would notice kinda went to the bottom of the page

Bill Gates5895d ago (Edited 5895d ago )

I really like the one picture of "El Che". That man was the real deal. This game has been added to my future collection.

Retard5894d ago

Only 8 people are working on this game fulltime.

coolfool5894d ago

it sounds like a big project for only 8 people...there must be a lot of outsourcing for some of the work.

Siesser5894d ago

It's amazing what these small teams can do. Project Offset started with only 4 members, I believe.

Tut5894d ago

Yeah they stated that they subcontract a lot of typical things for the game but keep the engine design with them, as well as the major aspects of the game I assume.

Sounds like they are doing one hell of a job and if the game is still a year away I am sure they can add some really interesting things.

Still excited about this one.