'PS3 is Poised to Grow At A Rapid Rate' - 2008 Will Be the Year of The PS3

Cnet Writes:

"Even though Sony's Playstation 3 was slow out of the gates, it has found its stride lately and performed extremely well over the past few months. And as the latest NPD numbers show, more good times are in store. But in the end, it's what's coming that matters and if you ask me, Sony has everything in place to have the best year of any console maker.

Now I know what you're thinking -- aren't I the same guy who said the chances of the PS3 winning the console war are slim? Yep. And I still believe that. But what I also said is the PS3 will probably end up in second place when this whole generation is said and done and the main reason why that's true is because of what might happen this year"

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decapitator3956d ago

"aren't I the same guy who said the chances of the PS3 winning the console war are slim"

Confessions of a teenage drama queen. Good thing this dude came to his sense. It is a bit preposterous to call it over when nothing has been shown.

c-redz3956d ago

lol yeah it will grow at a rapid rate, but so will my little man when home is released!!!!

Cwalat3956d ago

sales wise, PS3 is looking really sharp...
but content wise, Sony has started off the year really slow.

i hate to admit but it sukks owning a PS3 and not having Sonys support all the way, The PSN is pretty much empty and its really not fun without Cod4... So Sony better hurry up.

sonarus3956d ago

well everything that is poised to make the playstation 3 better will be happening in the next 3-4months. Home will finally get a release date, ps3 finally gets its mgs4 and a ton of other good things are on the horizon. Like the article says, ps3 is poised to have grow at a rapid rate. All sony has to do is play their cards perfectly

Nathaniel_Drake3956d ago

Freaken funny man, made me laugh hard, but on topic covering most of the genre in gaming this whole year will obviously lure the casual crowd and hence boost unit sales

Genesis53956d ago

Sony is rightfuly taking the time to make sure everything is complete and polished before they release it. We all know what happens when you rush things and release them before it's ready.

beoulve3956d ago

that dude flip flop like a politician

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Kaz Hirai3956d ago

Listen carefully, this is the plan of attack:

-I will take my Sony Soldier army on a brave charge to the gates of Nazisoft HQ for the final showdown! Be prepared- the PIGS may be expecting us!
-iAmPS3- as Propaganda Minister it is your job to keep morale high among the Sony Soldiers!
-Captain Jack Tretton will take the Sony Pilots to the skies, to launch the aerial bombardment!
-Field Marshal Phil Harrison- your job is to prepare the artillery! Aim carefully!
-Meanwhile, DarkSniper will take his Sony Snipers to a vantage point, to snipe the Xbot PIGS from afar!
-Next, Emperor Kutaragi will launch the Super Sony Death Ray (powered by PS3's, of course!) directly at Nazisoft HQ, OBLITERATING thousands of PIGS at once!
-Finally, Lord Stringer will descend from Sony Heaven to finish off the remaining PIGS with his Iron Fist!

And then- VICTORY!!!

Sony Soldiers- attack!!!


DarkSniper3956d ago

Dark Sniper loves your plan of attack. But unfortuately, it's hard for Dark Sniper and his millions of Sony Snipers across the globe to kill something that's already dead.

Rest In Piss Xbox 360.


Phil Harrison Mk43956d ago

Beautiful words my dear friend;)
I'm armed and ready!!! ;-D

heyheyhey3956d ago


keep us posted on how it goes

Lionsguard3956d ago


liquidsnake3956d ago

Oh My God. Seriously Kaz, I haven't laughed this much for ages. Keep them posts coming. ;D

doodle3956d ago

console war in UK and EUROPE comes to an end on the 28th of mARCH.

The world bows down to the GOD of all consoles on the JUNE 12th,2008

PS3 have mercy on your inferior competition

Phil Harrison Mk43956d ago

'xBox 360 is Poised to Drop At A Rapid Rate' - 2008 Will Be the Year of The DEAD xBox 360!!! ;-D

iAmPS33956d ago

That was really funny Kaz!!!

I am glad to be part of the Sony army.
This battle is won!!!!

Sir Ken Kutaragi 33956d ago

The PS3 Super Sony Death Ray can destroy Planets in one go!!! coz its very powerful!!! ;-D I built it to be 100 times more powerful than that thing they call a xBox 360!!! ;-D

carl ps33956d ago (Edited 3956d ago )

I can see it now, xBots in there Pink Gaylo(Halo) Suits!!!
And there Pink Gays of War(Gears of War) Guns!!!
;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

iAmPS33956d ago

Dear Carl,

You got the name wrong, It's Queers of War.

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destroyah3956d ago

This is Sony. They killed off the N64, the Dreamcast, the Xbox and the Gamecube. Even after all that the PS2 is still going strong. That's the crazy thing about Sony right now. They're supporting Blu-ray, PS3, PSP, and PS2. They've already won two console wars in a row and they'll come out on top with the PS3 yet again. Microsoft will just rush out another console with faulty hardware in two more years, shafting 360 owners. The Wii will soon be recognized for the fad that it truly is.

This is winning. This is living. This is SONY!

c-redz3956d ago

im not too sure the next xbox will be that faulty... you would like to think people learn from there mistakez... but i think ps4 will be able to make ya a cup of coffee cuz you aint never going to sleep!!!

fenderputty3956d ago (Edited 3956d ago )

people will realize the Wii is a fad for a while now. Guess what, they still haven't realized it. Sales are still through the roof and don't look to be slowing any time soon.

I hate the Wii too. lol

I do think the console race will be much closer this gen. There's just tooo many aspects to call a clear winner. Wii sells a lot of hardware but, not a lot of software. 360 might come in 3rd for hardware but, it kicks as on software. The PS3 will probably fall in the middle of both but win the format war. Either way, the 360 gained a lot of market share and the Wii has done better then anyone thought it would bringing back Nintendo as a major player. As far as I'm concerned, all consoles seem to be winning on some front and are doing rather well for themselves.

Danja3956d ago

The only company who has gained market share so far is Nintendo Until the 360 sells over 24+ mill it hasn't gained ne market share....

Zool 083956d ago (Edited 3956d ago )

Dont forget Sony has also killed off HD DVD aswell.

Reanimator3956d ago

is measured as a percentage of toal sales in the market, not the number of units sold. If 100 million consoles are sold, and company A sells 30 million, that equals 30 percent market share. MS's market share last gen was very low, single digits I think, this gen it is more than 33 percent (not using specific numbers, just explaining a point). So MS market share has increased greatly, and Sony's has fallen greatly.

rawg3956d ago

I'd say that the Wii has proven then it's more than a fad. I do think that sales will slow down once more people have HDTVs in their homes. The Wii just can't compare to a PS3 or 360 in Hi Def.

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IntelligentAj3956d ago

I do agree with his argument that PS3 will have their best year in 08 but I can't imagine MS sitting on their hands and not doing anything to slow the momentum. I'm not quite sure what this would include but a price drop is all but certain in the US(although they are still selling a good number of units).

The Lazy One3956d ago

I hate how almost every "PS3's year" article never takes into account the competition. It's as though they expect M$ and Nintendo to just sit on their hands while sony cuts price, releases games, and enhances PSN.

I can tell you right now that 360's 2008 lineup probably won't be completely announced till E3, and I can also say with a fair amount of certainty that once 360 drops price to mass market in NA sales will go up more than enough to make that 20,000 consoles in january and february look like a grain of salt.

Right now, what M$ decides to do is going to have a much bigger effect on PS3 sales/its place in the market than anything Sony will decide to do in the future.

cloud 2793956d ago

I don't think the 360 will see a price cut in NA anytime soon, bcoz its doing well in NA and doesn't requires so. Only reason MSFT dropped prices in EU was due to the lost momentum in sales. Clear winner will not be decided until the end of 2008, although many are saying PS3 will win, I can only say "Time will tell"

The Lazy One3955d ago

But, that in mind, if it dropped to a mass market price below the wii, it would practically clinch the region over the wii. There are a buttload of casual gamers/consumers here that are just waiting for price drops to join the next gen.

Whoever breaks into the mass market in NA is going to have an enormous effect on who comes in 1st/2nd in the console war.

Expy3956d ago

Playsation?! Where'd the T go?

Way to go CNET!