Saving the PSP

GameAlmighty's Christiaan Allebest writes, "Last year, Sony sold 3.82 million of its little handheld wonder, the PlayStation Portable. An impressive number until you compare it to the 8.5 million units Nintendo's DS was able to move. They are numbers that should cause Sony and its investors some alarm. But what's the reason, and can the company turn the outlook around?"

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decapitator3869d ago (Edited 3869d ago )

Nothing to see here guys. The same ole 'teh PSP is dead' articles. I hate these kind of article. Especially when it is about the PSP. How the fack does the PSP need saving with over 30 Million sold worldwide.

Ever heard of the Ngage from Nokia ? Now that could use some seroius saving.

Harry1903869d ago

oh yeah,that nokia stuff.a friend of
mine used to have one.

littletad3869d ago (Edited 3869d ago )

Right and I'm sure you'd say the same thing for anther RROD article or the Wii is a fad. Seriously if ANY Sony product isn't praised at least in the headline, you'll be hyper defensive.

And no the psp doesn't need any saving, but yes the DS is selling at a much better rate.

kewlkat0073869d ago (Edited 3869d ago )

This guy can't be serious, if you think those are real competitors in the hand-held market.

Not sure why the PSP is not out-selling the DS but the PSP, I think is a Hardcore mobile PS2 hand-held.

The Nintendo DS, like the Wii targets a little bit of every market.

I bet you would not see grandma with a PSP but what the DS offers many older folks use it, as well as parents, kids and all sorts of people, now I heard it's being used for education.

Having the touch-screen/stylus adds a whole new target market/demography.

I'm sure price comes in there somehow..and well, Nintendo.

crck3869d ago

from 10 million units to 13 million units. How can an article claim the PSP handheld needs saving when Sony expects to sell 3 million more units then they previously thought. When all is said and done the PSP will probably end up selling between 50-60 million units in a 5 year cycle. That is 10-20 million more then all the original Xboxs and Gamecubes sold put together. I'm sure Sony would have wanted to sell more but I hardly think it classifies the PSP as a failure.

AzaziL3868d ago

Ok, this is what I never got about sony. To date, there's only a handful of PSX games that you can play legitimately on the PSP, yet with a few hacks, it's possible to play almost every PSX game that has been released. Why they don't just go ahead and release at the very least, all their top games from the PSX puzzles me, especially with some great RPGS like FFVII and Chrono Cross, the sales for the PSP would blow sky high.

They really need to get that going, but something for sony to remember, if they make the PSPtwo, they have to include full emulation of most all PS2 games as well as have them ready for digital distribution at launch, only then will Sony finally dominate the handheld market.

godofthunder103868d ago

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jadenkorri3866d ago

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Brian52473869d ago

And will continue to do so with Crisis Core and Echochrome. Alot of people will buy PSP for its media functionality as well.

shizball3869d ago

The death of the PSP has been long rumored however, over the holiday season the PSP was the third best selling gaming device behind only the 360 and the Wii. There are approx. 5 million psp owners so the psp doesnt need to be saved it's holding it's own.

pp3869d ago

well i'm one of those people who want be buying one i'll wait for microsoft hand held thankyou

Brian52473869d ago

Cant wait until they do and it Red Rings in peoples hands.

Bleucrunch3869d ago

I would buy a game gear before I buy a M$ handheld THAN YOU!

destroyah3869d ago

PSP doesn't need to be saved. It's not dying.

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