OXCGN’s Resident Evil: Revelations Preview- Fear and tension with a side of blood splatter


"Those that are yet to experience Resident Evil: Revelations that are looking to purchase it upon its console release will feel right at home with its heavy throwback to the slow corridor gameplay the way we remember survival horror games of the past.

It’s not a non-stop action thrill ride which will see you gunning down multiple enemies at once as most games these days tend toward; instead it’s a nicely crafted game using thought and exploration."

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DeusExer2082d ago

As long as it's better than the abysmal Operation Racoon City.

The RE series really needs to redeem itself.

BadCircuit2082d ago

This looks like a decent port that is more 'classic' Res Evil than the later games...

gaminoz2082d ago

At first I was "not another ship-based horror game" but this does sound more like the classic RE games.

DanielForth2082d ago

HOpefully this game does well, Then Capcom May catch on OLD SCHOOL works. at least for this series.

nick3092082d ago

It did great on 3ds and was awesome, will gladly buy it again.