Project CARS: NextGen versions to follow when funding is secured

The ambitious racing simulation “Project CARS” is being developed at EA Studios exclusively for the current gaming platforms, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii U and PC and will be released next year.

Also a PS4 and the next Xbox version will be release when the funding is secured.

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rajman1994d ago

I support these guys, and also purchased one of their large packs for this game...but I was disappointed on how many delays kept occurring, and now the fact that it wont be released until 2014 :(

Crazyglues1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

@ rajman

Yeah I agree it is a little disappointing but I kinda expected this, as games like this always end up taking longer then expected.. They are really working on a lot of things and not to mention trying to polish all of that up...

I think it would be better if they said we are hoping for 2013 but don't get attached to that date because a more realistic date is 2014..

-But if they say that people would not be happy so it's tough, seems like these companies always try to get it out as soon as possible but then the game just get's little things added and then it's longer then expected, if it can happen to GTA V - and it happened to GT 5 - I think we should expect any studio then can miss judge the time it will take..

So I kinda expected this, I guess that's why I wasn't that upset... I never expected them to be able to make 2013 -(the demo just seem to unfinished for a game that would release that early)

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Retroman1994d ago

looking forward trying out "PROJECT CARS" something new outside of GT,NFS

arbitor3651994d ago

"exclusively for the current gaming platforms, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii U"

"NextGen versions (PS4, next xbox) to follow when funding is secured"

i sense butthurt incoming

MrDead1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

I don't quite understand the obsession that some people have with the condition of other peoples anuses and that news like this will bring physical pain to their anus.

Surly this sort of talk would be better suited to other websites that deal with the infliction of "Butt-hurt" and/or can help you with your fascination of this subject.

Anyway I'm looking forward to playing this game on whatever system I can.

ATi_Elite1994d ago

already playing the PC Alpha Version and it's DAM GOOD!

They should have NO PROBLEM securing PS4/x720 funding!

Get your Wheel, pedals, and Hydraulic race chairs ready cause this is teh game for it.

ssj271994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

Sure even Tetris will have no problem running on a PS4.
This is a current gen game, it will look weak next to a game like "Drive Club" which is way ahead in term of technology and visuals.

I think they meant.. if the game sales good they will get money or a good publisher and keep making games for next gen console and PC.
But they don't have the money or technology to do such a thing.

taquito1994d ago're a funny kid, this game on pc already smashes everything the ps4 will EVER do

man these console only kids, so deluded

ps4 cannot even compete with a high end gaming rig from 2011, don't fool yourself

ssj271994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

I'm not a console only gamer, I'm a gamer and PC only give the edge on fps and textures but is at a big co$t, is not worthy for me.

PS4 will have the best games for my need.. my need are not like your the pc gamer.. I don't see the value to have just a lil more fps or more resolution when the co$t is so high to keep up with.. and I don't see the need to play facebook games or mmo's like pc gamers do .. I play games for mens and PS4 will have what I need.

I don't understand why PC gamers keep protection multiplataform games like this.. get it right, this is not a PC game but is a multiplataform game, they are smart.. they make you feel special because you can play the alpha or beta of the game.
It's not you games, it's a multiplataform game.

And get is right it's a pc, ps3, xbox360 game .. not in ypur sweetest dream is a next gen game.. have you seen Drive Club gameplay? That's the start of next gen and if you can't see how ahead that is than you need to update you PC.

If the game is good.. let's hope it to sale well and jump into next gen consoles.. the more good quality games the better for me.. I'm a gamer who likes good games.

ATi_Elite1994d ago

1. Your a Sony Fanboy, I've read your post history
2. Project CARS is Next Gen
3. Your Not a PC Gamer cause a PC Gamer can Play Project CARS NOW and see just how Graphically Intense it is.
4. The Physics in Project CARS is mind blowing as well. The First person roll overs from crashes is AWESOME.

5. "it will look weak next to a game like "Drive Club" which is way ahead in term of technology and visuals."

Hmmm care to EXPLAIN those Technologies and Visuals in DETAIL that will make Project CARS look weak?

Or are you just Blowing Smoke out your Butt and just running your mouth.

ssj271993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

1.. I'm a gamer, I don't beed to own a gaming PC to be one, plus most PC gamers only play facebook games and MMO's and that's a fact.

2.. I'm a PS fanboy ? Great logic, I start gaming in Atari then move to PC, the nintendos, PS2 and PS3.. I'm a gamer and far away from been a fanboy I appreciate good games and PS brand is the best bet in that department .. they have been owning all gotys for a reason and it's a fact.. good games.. if in the future the good games are not in the PlayStation I will move on to whoever has the best and it's a fact, how does that makes me a PlayStation fanboy?

3. Drive Club the game that was showed on the PS4 show, was all in real time gameplay, that's how I know looks better, I can see projects cars gameplay thanks to 1080p videos on youtube and I know is not the same as playing it in real tike but I'm big enough to tell the difference ..
I never say this game looks bad or do not have good tech, but drive club is obviously ahead in the graphic department and tech, is a next gen game and this is a current gen tech possible on the PS3.. the only thing this game will over DC is the higher fps and pixels.. that's the advantage of having a up to date PC$$$.. congratulations to the few who invest into it, if they are happy by doing that its ok since is not hurting anyone.

4. Don't fight a fight you know you can't win.. peace you just got owned and I can't and will not answer any answer from you and don't even try.. you will look even worse if you do.

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Tatsuya 1994d ago

I'm much more hyped about Drive Club than this. But, I still like that it will come to PS4 eventually. More games for PS4 is what we need.

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