Eurogamer: Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Review

Overall, Vegas 2 feels like an incremental expansion, despite the success of the character-creation feature. The annoying thing is that with a bit more investment these quickfire sequels would feel like true follow-ups, which would go a long way with those of us who've been following the series for the past ten years. As it is, Eurogamer will still go to Vegas, but they will be grumpy on the way home.

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Blademask3958d ago

"On the downside, the overall technology hasn't really moved on in two years. GRAW felt like one of the first games to make the generational leap, but Vegas 2 stands still. There's no doubt the game has the capacity, on occasion, to hold its own against the best Unreal Engine 3-powered shooters, but that's all it does. Worse, screen-tearing issues are still rampant, and texturing is often alarmingly bland. For a full-priced product pitched as a full sequel, you'd expect a bit more - especially when you consider you can pick up the original for probably less than half the price if you shop around. Overall, Vegas 2 feels like an incremental expansion, despite the success of the character-creation feature."

Exactly what I've been saying the entire time. R6v 1.5 $60.00. I loved the first one, but they didn't bother upgrading anything because they know people will shell out top Dollar for Bland Unreal Engine games.

InYourMom3958d ago

with you and this article. Also, all the in-game advertising is a bit over the top and distracting.

Breakfast3958d ago

so i guess i wont buy this game... Hopefully no one buys it. So it forces ubi to actually try the next time around

iNcRiMiNaTi3958d ago

its the engine thats gettin all the money.

c-redz3958d ago

i will be passing on this game and all the other games they make that all look the same!

Alcohog3958d ago

Ubisoft just pushing the developer to crank it out quickly for the $$. Not surprising.

Killjoy30003958d ago

i know this is almost the same exact thing but damn eurogamer is harsh. not only with this game but many others. devil may cry 6/10? youve gotta be fukn kidding me.

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