Intel unveils bits and pieces about Nehalem, Larrabee and Dunnington

"Intel has decided to reveal a few more details on the three upcoming architectures known as Nehalem, Dunnington and Larabee. Dunnington details was revealed by Sun a while back, and they have now been officially confirmed by Intel. This six-core 1.9 billion transistor processor will feature 16MB L3 cache and be processed using Intel's 45nm high-k node, and slide right into the current Caneland platform. It's slated for second half of 2008 and much thanks to the efficient manufacturing process, Dunnington will remain a good performance/watt competitor.

Next, Intel decided to talk Nehalem, the successor to the Core architecture and the Core 2 series. One of the biggest changes with Nehalem is not so much that it's a new microarchitecture, but that it will use an all new serial interface, QuickPath Interconnect. The Front Side Bus interface is outdated and has led to that AMD and HyperTransport have been able to claim quite a large portion of the server market."

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