Original Metal Gear for PSN in Japan, no comment on Europe

"According to various reports, Famitsu has confirmed a PSP and PS3 release of the original Metal Gear Solid, via PSN, this spring. A Konami Europe spokesperson has just issued a flat "no comment" on whether or not we're going to see this over here."

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belal3960d ago

no news about the beta key for europe and us :(

pandabear3960d ago

Fingers & Toes crossed - would make sense to release it in May, a month before the new one is release and get everyone hyped :-)

Cwalat3960d ago

whats up with sony giving all different content to different regions, ?

its getting close to ridiculous. fans of RE and MGS are left bi'chslapped considering how the JP fans get both of those franchises in their PSN,

avacadosnorkel3960d ago

has a ton of old gems they could re-release on PSN like all the other consoles do. I'm not sure why they don't capitalize on that? Heck, they could basically offer entire series' of some of the best games ever.

I myself am not into the whole retro experience and would pass on them all, but I'm sure some people would love to pay for old games again.

Azailex Sorrow3960d ago

im really upset tht japan gets almost everything before eur, and us.

idk why..

its just awkward, even in the ps2 gen, kingdomhearts came out like 1 year before it was released in the us, final fantasyX,X-2,XII.

im only grateful tht mgs4 will be a world wide release..

im not trying to bah or anything, but why...??? why does japan seem to get to play/get everything before we do..?

im only hopeing ffxiii will be a world wide release...