Secrets of the PS4: Heavily modified Radeon, supercharged APU design

For months, there have been rumors that the PS4 wouldn’t just be more powerful than Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox — it would be capable of certain compute workloads that Redmond’s next-generation console wouldn’t be able to touch. In an interview last week, Sony lead hardware architect Mark Cerny shed some major light on what these capabilities look like. We’ve taken his comments and combined them with what we’ve learned from other sources to build a model of how the PS4 is likely organized, and what it can do.- Extremetech

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xHeavYx2018d ago

Those GIFs made my Monday

abzdine2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

Yeah man one bubble for that amazing gif!

I like this one too:

Nikhil2018d ago

What did I just watch lol

JoySticksFTW2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

I'll admit it

abzdine's GIF creeped me the heck out! D:

Funny, but creepy

Poor Reggie. Kaz is crazy!

starchild2018d ago

Sony designed a fantastic console. I can't wait to get mine.

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Arai2018d ago

Cernification all all the way...

On-topic: most of this was leaked by Vgleaks some months ago (they got official dev-kit documents).

aCasualGamer2018d ago

Muhahah! Too funny!

Thanks for making my day that much better!

abzdine2018d ago

hahaha amazing man! I love it and bubble for you

Parasyte2018d ago

Awesome! Now I want to watch The Mask!

adorie2018d ago

Did this come from GAF? I wonder if the Xbox fans there are working on their own counterpart to the Kazification/Cernification.

There's someone from SCE who was working on a few of the epic GIF's during the Feb PS4 Hype.

*hops on GAF*

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Walker2018d ago

PS4 is gonna be best console game for next-generation . long live sony :x !

BanBrother2018d ago

I'd have to agree at this point in time. I will still be tuning into the nextbox reveal though to see if anything has changed.

Tbh, gaming is boring me. So many average sequels to games instead of innovation. Gears Judgment made me blow another gasket, and I can't be effed replacing it. Judgment is the epitome of filthy cheap development tactics, with super sub-par quality campaign and I can't be stuffed anymore.

Aliens CM, TWD survival Instinct to name a couple more. This year the games industry is giving me a big f*** you and I am losing interest altogether. Hopefully the PS4 and Nextbox can re-ignite my desire to play games again. Right now, it is a whore of an industry.

I'm looking back through my PS2 and N64 games. Don't know when or if I'll be back. Wish me luck.

JoGam2018d ago

Dude it sounds to me you are just buying wack games. This generation brought some great games. I think you just need to try other games.

KwietStorm2018d ago

If your argument is based around games like Aliens and Survival Instinct, then you definitely need to use a little more prejudice with your buying.

joab7772018d ago

I am just a little worried that it devolves into something similar to this gen. Sony has more powerful machine and xbox puts a lot into its online and social capabilities (yes, I know ps4 is too but I think xbox will be dressed up a bit nicer with a ton of enetertainment features and gimmicks). Thus, exclusives for Sony will rock...simply put. But I am afraid that ports or multi platform titles will end up being quite similar. I hope not, but MS can't afford that ever multi title looks and plays better on ps4. I guess we will see.

Ju2018d ago

Well, we don't know anything about the NextBox. Going by the leaks, they suggest there is more performance in the PS4.

But I am more curious if the compute capabilities and they could make a difference. The problem with compute - as Cernie said - is, it needs to fit it into the render pipeline. Currently this is a more or less co-operative process, simply because there is no HW support to support "compute threads". Now, with the additional "compute commands" multiple sources can issue commands and the HW can basically "schedule" those almost like threads, hence make this more like "pre-emptive" compute.

Why this is important is, that for example, middle ware like PhysX or Havok or Bullet or w/e which would want to use compute doesn't know about the rendering pipeline (unless they integrate with the rendering API - either through Direct Compute - OpenCL/GL switching has quite some overhead) - and unless they do, they can't "schedule" its commands efficiently. And that's just physics. We'll see what else devs throw at compute.

Looks Sony is trying to make sure, "this scheduling" doesn't create bottlenecks.

With that said, this can as well have an impact on multi platform titles. 3rd party middle-ware will most likely available for both. And compute support will be more or less transparent. From a dev perspective this would be transparent, but the result could be quite different. (Run a game with PhysX with and w/o GPU get the idea).

But then, like I said above, we know nothing about the NextBox's compute capabilities.

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legend9112018d ago

I'm just glad that AMD got the contracts, now they can show what they can do!

WalterWJR2018d ago

It looks like the APU technology is really kicking off. I have one of the latest from AMD but it looks like these next gen umits will crush my 5600k.

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