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Tin Salamunic: Deadly Premonition is ugly, broken, confusing, demented…and also one of the most extraordinary experiences of the decade. It disregards all conventional quality standards and plays by its own rules. It’s juvenile and careless, yet provoking and immersive. It fails as a traditional video game, but succeeds as a work of fiction. How much of its absurdity is intentional remains unclear, but this exceptionally orchestrated disaster has to be judged on its own merits. As one of those rare cases where the failures emphasize the strengths, Deadly Premonition achieves its individuality by being the Ed Wood of gaming – it’s so bad (well, more like odd) that it’s brilliant. Originally released as an Xbox 360 exclusive, Deadly Premonition has garnered a cult following and the reviews have been amusingly split amongst critics. While many despised the near broken gameplay and nauseating visuals, others praised its unique ruggedness as the holy grail of this generation. The Director’s Cut hopes to iron out some of the rough edges and reach the PS3 audience, but are the improvements enough to stretch beyond the game’s fan base or do they compromise the integrity of the original?

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Wagz223793d ago

I can't wait to platinum in this game!

Godmars2903793d ago

Can't help but feel that this score shows how pointless/counter productive numbered reviews are.

Anyone who knows anything about the game knows it has bad graphics and gameplay mechanics. That its the cult level story and presentation which makes it worth playing.

ifritAlkhemyst3793d ago

I don't understand how this game gets the raves it does. It is a bad game, every reviewer knocks it for shitty mechanics and what not.

Then they find the storyline charming or some nonsense, that suddenly makes the game 8-10/10 worthy? Game reviewers need to cut stuff like plot and characters out and focus on the actual gameplay, you know, what matters.

InTheLab3793d ago

I know dude. What makes a game, a game, is broken on every level. When you HAVE to be a fan of a crap show from 20 years ago to enjoy this game... Add that to the extremely poor presentation...

There's no way this thing is a ten.

BanBrother3792d ago

You must not have seen Twin Peaks. If you think it is crap, then you must be the Michael Bay generation. TV shows these days could only dream of being one-tenth as good as Twin Peaks.

So people are angry he over-valued the story? What about a game like CoD that has bad graphics and story, but gets away because of game-play? Minecraft?

Story is important to some people, me included. We are entitled to an opinion. If you think game-play is all that matters, don't bother with a games campaign, just play the crappy obligatory horde mode then.

InTheLab3792d ago

Yeah...forgot Twin Peaks went on for what, 5 or 6 seasons because it was riveting television. It was crap and got canceled.

As for your point about the story, I'm only agreeing with the op on how broken the game is. I do place gameplay at a higher value but I understand we all play for different reasons.

Pozzle3783d ago (Edited 3783d ago )

Twin Peaks didn't get cancelled because it was crap. It got cancelled because the network forced the writers to solve the show's main mystery (Laura Palmer's murder) mid-way through season 2, then ABC shifted the show's timeslot multiple times, so the rating's dropped. It was shitty network decisions that eventually killed the show.

But if you think it was crap, you're probably too young to remember just how massively popular it was when it first aired. It was one of the highest rating shows of the early 90s. You couldn't go anywhere without hearing someone's bizarre theories on what was going on in the show. Heck, there was even a massive fan campaign to get it back on the air. It was a bloody good show.

R_aVe_N3793d ago

I am really confused...

Graphics 1.0
Gameplay 2.0
Value 10.0
Sound 10.0

how on earth does this come out to being a 10/10 game?

TheGameScouts3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

I understand everyone's confusion about the score, but this game can't by judged by traditional scoring standards. It's like saying Picasso's paintings were ugly..therefore they are unworthy of praise and appreciation. That's simply not the case and you guys just have to check it out to truly appreciate its bizarre and unique nature. :)

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Matrix62243d ago

This doesn't give me comfort in giving the PS3 DC version ago. I imported the vanilla version on PS3 the year it released, and I found it was horrendous to attempt to play.

Kyizen2243d ago

Probably the best, worst game ive played and beaten. I loved it but the gameplay was awful and yet the game was amazing.

RpgSama2243d ago

Definitely the best worst game I Ever played, the gameplay and graphics are mediocre at best, but the soundtrack, the story, the people, the main character, the weirdness of it all, the pop culture references are amazing.

Blank2243d ago

This game is extremely rough around the edges but it knows how to keep a player engaged and drawn into the story. A current gen full on remake would do it wonders or maybe that "B-class status" gives it charm and character.

DaFeelz2243d ago (Edited 2243d ago )

A friend gave me her copy of DP to play, telling me that "it's so bad it awesome!" So I was like 'shit, sign me up!' Turns out-it's so bad, it's bad. It was like the video game equivalent of The Room. It got about 2hrs outta me and that was a wrap. I did not find its terribleness endearing. I found it boring. But hey, if it made people happy, mission accomplished. Just leave me out of it.

jznrpg2243d ago

The game production value was horrendous but I really love the game. It could have been amazing but the lawsuit and changes it was forced to have because it was too much like Twin peaks killed a lot of it. Still one of my favorite games last gen

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MattDavisGR2273d ago

Strike Suit Zero looks awesome :D


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