Interview: Stephane Rivard, Co-Founder of Stelulu Technologies makers of Stinkyboard

Editor John Stewart interviews Stephane Rivard, CEO of Setlulu Technologies makers of the Stinkyboard. The new device is a gaming peripheral that recently completed their Kickstarter campaign and is launching their new line this summer. Stewart writes: There are some companies that spend years perfecting the peripherals that you already own, the gaming mouse, the joystick or the controller for example. Then there are the companies that create peripherals that have never existed, changing how we interact with games and offering possibilities that were never available before now.

Stephane Rivard isn’t just the co-founder of Setlulu Technologies, he is also the acting CEO and one of the driving forces behind the ‘Stinkyboard’. Over the weekend I had a chance to interview the CEO and discuss his company’s latest peripheral, which will be hitting doorsteps this summer.

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