Matter Of Perspective: Nathan Drake From Treasure Hunter To Mass Murderer

There’s no doubt that Nathan Drake is one of the most popular game characters to emerge this generation. After all he is a 21st century Indiana Jones, with a lot of charm and wit. He seems like someone you’d love to hang around with, and someone who just takes life as it comes, even though most of his time is spent looking down the barrel of a gun. However, behind this exterior of a charming guy lies the mind of a cunning, ruthless, secretive mass murderer.

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GalacticEmpire1993d ago

This again, I'm pretty sure it's not murder if you kill people who are trying to kill you and/or destroy/take over the world. Why is it that Drake always gets this weird criticism and all other protagonists are immune?

Gimmemorebubblez1993d ago

Its just Drake's bad Fortune that he gets weird criticism.

minimur121993d ago

I see what you did there ;)

TopDudeMan1993d ago

Yeah, Lazarevic makes that very point in uncharted 2.

He says "You think I am a monster. But you're no different from me, Drake. How many men have you killed? How many... just today?"

And that's where the whole morality gets interesting because in reality, drake has probably killed WAY more people than lazarevic has. I think that was a very interesting line of dialogue because he is the villain, yet he has less blood on his hands.

Hydralysk1993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

Probably because most other popular mass murdering protagonists are soldiers or warriors of some kind.

Nathan Drake is some treasure hunter/thief who rushes off to seek fame and fortune while killing dozens of men and making upbeat quips. There's usually some "Save the world" element that gets revealed near the end, but the games all start with Drake chasing it for the money.

It's the same problem people had with the old Lara Croft. She's already rich and raids tombs for priceless artifacts not because she wants to preserve them, but because of the thrill, and woe to any people or animals that get in the way of her adrenaline rush.

People complain about this but I think it's a good sign. We're now starting to ask the question "Is my character justified in killing these people?" even if it's usually in jest, rather than going "This is a video game, and in video games killing dudes is just what you do". This kind of thought process is what leads to games like Spec Ops, and I'm all for that.

-Gespenst-1993d ago

So his enemies somehow become inhuman or non-human because of their motives? He's still killing hundreds of people. Why can't he just incapacitate them? It makes him just as bad as them if he kills them.

Drake is so righteous that he's allowed to kill them? You've gotta get this eye for an eye idea out of your head. No one actually has the right to kill another person- that's an illusion ideologues like to spread. You shouldn't see these heroes somehow warranted in how much they kill people. Drake's not a likable hero, he's a d!ck.

dp2774071993d ago

Honestly most of the time these people are chasing him or he's running away from something lol, remember when he was a kid in three and multiple other times lol.

Irishguy951993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

Drake is a likable dick/

That doesn't sound too nice when you just hear the words...but it covers the character as an entertaining/likable psychopath.

Really, your not supposed to judge the game based on realistic morals. The game doesn't want or try to cover this type of thing, wait for TloU, that title is more ambitious that Uncharted ever was.

GalacticEmpire1993d ago

"So his enemies somehow become inhuman or non-human because of their motives?"

WHAT!? I Never said that.

Yeah he can incapacitate them sure, which he does with the 'innocent' parties i.e. the sleep darts in the musuem (Among Thieves). My point was that he only ever kills people who are trying to kill him, which is kind of justified.

Wintersun6161993d ago

"No one actually has the right to kill another person"

Dude, you're so wrong. Never heard of James Bond?

Also following your faulty logic, all these people are dicks:
Altaïr, CJ, Jason Brody, Wei Shen, John Marston, Cole McGrath, Adam Jensen.

Also if we extend this logic to aliens and animals, these people are dicks too:
Master Chief, Mario, Link, Kratos, Snake...

NiteX1993d ago

Wow, you must really hate soldiers.

Inception1993d ago

"Why can't he just incapacitate them? It makes him just as bad as them if he kills them."

Emm, Drake only one ordinary man vs tons of enemies with full weapons, tanks, and helicopters that want his head as a reward. If Drake like spiderman or superman, maybe he can incapacitate the enemies one by one with a blink on an eye.

But, even the legendary hero like solid snake need to kill tons of enemies to completed his mission, even though his boss command him to sneak past the enemies. So yeah, it's kill or to be kill.

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BlackPrince 421993d ago

It's always brought up because it's cognitively dissonant for charming Nathan Drake to also be a murder machine.

For most people, it's only something they think about in retrospect. Our ability to suspend disbelief carries us through the game most of the time.

And it really only comes up with Drake (and now DeWitt, and reboot Lara Croft) because those characters are so much more fleshed out than say, the Doom marine, and they're not trained assassins like Solid Snake.

Truthfully it's a good problem. One that shows gaming is maturing.

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miyamoto1993d ago

"How many did you kill just today?" This line from Lazaravich is still blown out of proportion and context just for clicks? and why Drake like the Dragon's Crown Sorceress so singled out with killing and everyone else gets a pass?

kneon1993d ago

I don't know why Drake gets all the grief for being a mass murderer. Mario is by far a more prolific killer than Drake, how many millions of goombas, koopas etc. has he killed over the decades?

Inception1993d ago

Lol, i just imagine Mario taught his descendant (Mario Jr 1, Mario Jr 2, etc) for 8th generation (of video game console) to always kill Goombas / Koopas family, even maybe one of Goombas / Koopas descendant are not as bad as their ancestor XD
Maybe i think it's safe to say Mario is the worst genocide & psychopath character in video game history XD

ceballos77mx1991d ago

Not to mention how many yoshis he sacrifices to save himself from falling to the pit.

o-Sunny-o1993d ago

Naughty Dawg should make a game where you play as a bandit and have a bandicoot partner. *_*

wishingW3L1993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

is just gameplay, Drake really doesn't kill hundreds of people in the games just like Mario runs and jump for hours in his games and never gets tired. That's just how gaming is unless you want to go the David Cage's route when making games just to keep everything within context.

The only way to fix Uncharted would be by mirroring Mirror's Edge gameplay maybe? Instead of gunning down every-body it would be more about the chasing... Or maybe by putting more emphasis on stealth and less bullets?

TheGamingArt1993d ago

This discussion has already been done and overkilled.... Stop being cliche.

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