Farming Simulator is coming to North America on PSVita

PSNStores: "Were you disappointed that Europe got the cult-hit Farming Simulator on their Vita, while there was no North American release in sight? Fret not, we've confirmed with developer Giants Software that the game is planned for release on PSVita in the region. The company is aiming for a release sometime within the next two months, and will be $9.99 if their website is to be believed."

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GuruStarr781995d ago

We can't get a quality FPS on the Vita, but we CAN get farming simulator!

b_one1994d ago

its only a matter of time.

bebitech1995d ago

Yayyyy FarmVille!!...wait what? Not that? ohh.

Veneno1994d ago

I'm interested but is it really worth 10 dollars?

illtornworld1994d ago

9.99 is a bit much isnt it? i could get Dragon FantasyvBook1 hm. darnit Sony You Win again ill buy everything you throw out, Soo when do us Beloved Vita owners get a PlayStation Forums App So we can get on community side of ps.