Front Towards Gamer Radio “Wednesday” Traffic Chopper, Episode 169: Love is What I Got

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This week’s episode of Front Towards Gamer Radio’s Wednesday Traffic Chopper? It’s like a 69, but with a creepy “1″ watching it all go down! And QUINN KARAOKE! Well, kinda.

Okay, not really, just a smidge of it. Audio editor Dingledodie77 cuts out all the good parts to get the show to a managable length, as usual, leaving Shanghai Six to both politely golf clap over Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, Quinn talking about his almost breaking a tenuous peace accord between two rivaling corporations in EVE Online, while Gamergirl gets laughed at soundly for playing Fire Emblem on the Nintendo 3DS on casual difficulty and failing to stop a vicious assault on a patron of her bar. This obviously makes her a double wussy.

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