Some of Watch_Dogs Map Detailed from DedSec Edition(Gun Shops/Clothing Stores Included)

A map of Watch_Dogs will come with the Dedsec edition of the game. A part of the map has been detailed by myself Hurricane43 Site Owner of
EDIT: Also this one fold of the map would have to have three more folds, ie Top, Bottom, and Left.

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Hurricane43431995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )

Thanks for the approval so far. I Appreciate it. Very interesting symbols on the map so far.

iGAM3R-VIII1995d ago

this is a great forum post and analysis of the map, great look

Hurricane43431995d ago

Thanks very much. I also am happy this confirms clothing stores, and gun shops, which previously have not been talked about :).

Root1995d ago

I hope the map is huge, I wonder why they don't just show off the map now...same with Rockstar and GTA5

porkChop1994d ago

I know the map is folded in half, but looking at the spacing between the streets, the map actually seems small. Anybody else notice that?

Hurricane43431994d ago

No actually it is missing the top portion, left and bottom portions of the map. It's a four way fold as you can tell by the three sides missing, ie, the roads are cut off. HUGE MAP.

GiantFriendlyCrab1994d ago

there should have been water or nature 360 degrees around the city, to not cut the streets just like gta

jetlian1994d ago

Anybody know if its a true representation of chicago? Either way the game is looking hot. Ubisoft is the best dev in the biz

OpieWinston1993d ago

From the looks of things it is. Atleast I've recognized some iconic buildings in the game.