Nintendo's Difficult Path Forward

Nintendo's latest annual results, announced last week, were disappointing in many ways. On Thursday its global president Satoru Iwata used his presentation to investors, along with the subsequent question and answer session, to explain his vision of where the company is and where it is going.

In expectation of the results, I had written that Iwata would “likely focus on its upcoming first- and third-party titles for the 3DS and Wii U” and then “attempt to reassure investors that its basic business model is still viable.” That's essentially what happened, although the details matter. I'll get into those below.

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DivineAssault 2085d ago

i wish em luck.. I love nintendo 3rd party exclusive games.. I really hope to see more of them in the future but it seems as if publishers dont want to risk it.. They wont do current gen ports so im sure they wont do nx gen ports either

nirwanda2085d ago

Now the price is realistic I think they are going to sell really well, it's only £149 in the UK now so they will have the advantage of being about half the price of the ps4/720 and have a good year of extra development time.
Once mario, zelda and the others hit it will fly off the shelves.

mcstorm2085d ago

I think the Wiiu will be fine. I've said for a long time that the reason why the Wiiu is not selling that well at the moment is because of the lack of exclusive games like Mario kart.

The Wiiu has big names like bo2 nfsmw but the issue with this is so dose the ps3 and 360 and people are not going to buy a new console just for games they can get on there current console. Its going to be the same this year when the ps4 and next Xbox have the same 3rd party games as the 360 and ps3.

We will not see the next gen consoles sell like they are now until the support for the big games stop on the current gen. I mean do you expect millions of people to go and buy a ps4 if sony released gt6 on the ps3 but not the 4?

lilbroRx2084d ago (Edited 2084d ago )

The reasons you give don't coincide and they aren't the issue for people I've actually enountered.

There is only one issue for 90% of the people who want a Wii U. It has a shortage of large scales game releases. Anything beyond that is fanboy conjecture and wishful thinking.

It has been proven and reproven that price is not the issue. It has been proven that hardware strength is not the issue as any game with the effort made can do more than any last gen console could.

People want games. Plain and simple.

mcstorm2083d ago

Lilbrorx the Wiiu has got games as I said above. In fact I have bought more games for my Wiiu since I got it.

360 I got forza horizon, halo 4 and fifa 13
Ps3 I got Ps all stars.
For the wiki I got cod bo2, mariou, Nintendo land, batman 2, Lego city, sonic all star racing, zombie, and Tekken tag 2.

But if you look at the games in my List there is 4 exclusives the rest can be bought on other consoles and this is my point.

The Wiiu has some amazing games from 3rd party developers but these games are on the ps3 and 360 as well and this is where the issue is with the Wiiu at the moment.

Nintendo need some more exclusive games to help push the console forward and if you look at the sales numbers of the games on the console you will see my point proves this.

The best selling game on the Wiiu is Mariou with 2.75 million sales on a console that has sonly just over 3.5 million consoles.

CODBO2 on the Wiiu has sold something like 300 thousand copy's on the Wiiu yet it has sold near 10 million on the ps3 and 360.

Once we see the big name gamea like Mario kart, Zelda ect then more people will buy a Wiiu and then we will start to see 3rd party game sales go up as well.

At the end of the day most people don't buy a console for multi platform games. They get a console for the exclusive games like Halo, GT, Mario ect and then get the 3rd party game on that console.

The PSV is having the Same issue as the Wiiu at the moment as it is getting a lot of 3rd party games like AC, NFSMW, COD ect but theses are not games that will sell the vita and the 3ds had the Same issue when it came out. Look at the best selling games on the 3ds and they are exclusive games like Mario kart, Super Mario bros etc. Sony need to be pushing the psv to have games like that to get people interested in the console.

schlanz2085d ago

Not speaking for anyone else here but after Zelda, a 3D Super Mario, Metroid, Pikmin 3, and Smash Bros drop I will most likely buy a Wii U.

Also hopefully at some point they can return Star Fox to its former glory, have a new F-Zero (long overdue), a Paper Mario reminiscent of TTYD, and a sequel to Kid Icarus Uprising.