Why Metal Gear Solid 2 is Better Than Metal Gear Solid 3

Raiden alone may have tarnished the reputation of Metal Gear Solid 2, but there's no denying MGS2 is a better game than Metal Gear Solid 3.

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Venox20082084d ago

I still think that MGS3 is the best in whole series

ShugaCane2084d ago (Edited 2084d ago )

I second that. I loved MGS 2 but MGS 3 was just breathtaking from the marvelous opening sequence (that Halo Jump...) to the heartbreaking ending. And The Boss.. I defy anyone to tell me this is not one of the most well-written characters in the history of video games.

Walker2084d ago

And why Metal Gear Solid 3 is better than Metal Gear Solid 4 !

Venox20082083d ago

it is better in everything, except graphics..

WildArmed2084d ago

Hmm, I read more about why the author doesn't like MGS3 versus comparing MGS3 to MGS2.

I don't agree with the story complaints, it was clear that MGS3 was the breakpoint for big boss (and everything that followed - Patriots, metal gear, Ocelot, The Boss. It defines these characters,and the story that put these characters together was great.

MGS3 stays true to 1964 theme, hence the low tech sensors. You start off with three sensors too, so you can use any of them for detecting enemies. They don't outline the whole map for you, but it does allow you to figure out where enemies are. MGS3 is a slower game in terms of pacing, you spend much more time observing the surroundings versus the radar. Different strokes I guess.

fsfsxii2084d ago

Because MGS2 pointed many things happening in real life, The La-lu-le-li-lo, Memes, supernatural things, the whole ending and ending speech. and in the tech side, i think MGS2 was better

xBigxBossx2084d ago

To each his own. But you shut your whore mouth. MGS3 is a saint. :)

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