Why Square Enix should remaster Final Fantasy XII for Playstation 3

Bubblews: "Square Enix is releasing Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix and Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster for the Playstation 3 this year. If the company is smart, they should also remaster Final Fantasy XII."

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fsfsxii1992d ago

No, just release the damn game as a PS2 classic. A remaster would be announced and no one would hear anything for a year about and then we'll hear news again.

Baka-akaB1992d ago

No way . They never released the Zodiac version with tons of additional content and fixes in the west , and would never release it on psn for the wet .

HD remaster is the only , or emulation

jc485731992d ago

I almost forgot about the zodiac version.

hkgamer1991d ago

Did they fix all the glitches in the Zodiac version?

I was getting really good at glitching the original game, was 60-70% done with collecting every item 100x i think.

It was also fun breaking the game by becoming OP within the first 2 hours.

Now that I think back, I must have spent atleast 500+ hours and I still haven't completed that game.

MaxXAttaxX1991d ago

Just saying, because by the time it's announced(if) it's be a PS4 release.

ScubbaSteve1992d ago

I wouldn't mind it if they "remastered" it by taking out the first 2 hours and deleting vaan from the entire game.

HarryMasonHerpderp1992d ago

Lmao awww come on he wasn't that bad. I do think Ashe should of been the main character though.

Name Last Name1992d ago

Basch was supposed to be the main character but they changed it.

DragonKnight1992d ago

Balthier should be the main character. Everyone knows it.

guitarded771992d ago

@ DragonKnight

I absolutely agree.

Also, I would be down for a XII remaster for PS4. This gen is at the tail end, and we'll be lucky to see FFX launch before the PS4 is out, so if they do it, it should be for PS4. I prefer the gameplay (real time combat of FFXII to X anyway).

Imalwaysright1991d ago

Ash and Balthier are FF12 main characters.

Baka-akaB1991d ago

Yeah all three are the main characters of the game .

MaxXAttaxX1991d ago

It was pretty much her story the whole time, along with Basch and Balthier(who is cooler than Vaan).

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Alos881991d ago

Disagree completely, a HD remaster would get me to replay, I already own a PS2 copy so a PS2 classic rerelease would be worthless to me.

Kte1991d ago

Yeah I would actually love to play the Zodiac version remastered. Specially the Espers, that was my favorite portion of the game really. The summons were epic, and the specials they all had were even more epic.

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Baka-akaB1992d ago

Do want , hell it's one of the reason i'm getting the X/X2 remaster ... i still enjoyed X but vadly refer XII .

Qrphe1992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

I quit 15hrs into FFXII because I had found the International version for which there was an English language patch. Being able to control the actual summons is pretty awesome and should've been in the original version.

Snookies121992d ago

Ehhh, I liked Final Fantasy XII for what it was. It had a fantastic world with fun combat and some great ideas. The color palette, characters (with the exception of Balthier), and story however were just not that great.

I suppose I'd like to see a remaster of it on PS3. I did sink in over 150 hours into the game. Still... I just feel like it was a little lacking. Not as much as the XIII series, but I felt they could have done better in making the characters and story more interesting. I've gone through the game 3 times now and still don't understand what the hell is happening in the story... -_-

contradictory1991d ago

well, the story is that one day Vaan wakes up and decides to go on an acid trip. exploring the far reaches of humanity, always ready to be there for no real reason...truly he is a successor to Tidus.... also writing on a virtual keyboard is tedious.

Bimkoblerutso1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

I liked the story. It was a nice alternative to the soap-opera-like melodrama of the rest of the series.

It was good to just get some hardcore fantasy politics and an interesting cast of characters that didn't feel like they needed to discuss their feelings every moment they weren't battling (Vaan and Penelo notwithstanding).

Kingthrash3601992d ago

I want this too, but for vita/ps3 cross play. awesomeness in a bottle.

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