Valve’s experimental psychologist discusses sweat detection and eye tracking for games

At the NeuroGaming conference, Valve's Mike Ambinder describes how to incorporate a gamer's biofeedback reaction into game play.

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Sadie21001996d ago

I have my own sweat-detection technology. I'm good.

Blacktric1996d ago

It'll be useful for waiting for any Half Life 3 related announcement this summer.

I'm pretty sure they'll make it a social experiment and do something like; "the more people sweat the faster we will reveal HL 3".

davidfca1996d ago

Shades of the old Atari Mindlink! (well, in fact, no, not really.)

Axonometri1996d ago

Super Duper Doo! How about making a game?

AKS1996d ago

Finally a positive story about video games and a psychologist. A few fame-hungry lunatics and charlatans tend to make my entire profession look bad. Not all of us are out to destroy video games.

jon12341996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )

they should also work on making a game detect when your heart rate goes up, i know ive had several games to that to me during certain moments :)

NegativeCreepWA1996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )

Gabe has actually mentioned that previously with eye tracking.

jon12341996d ago

cool, imagine the game changing because your body is more amped up than normal! so many possibilities

NegativeCreepWA1996d ago

yeah, L4D would be the perfect game to showcase that type of tech. A while back he on about how bio-metrics will be the future, not motion controls.

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