Homefront 2 & Prey 2 May Be Happening, Spotted In Steam's Registry

DSOGaming writes: "As we all know, Steam’s registry is almost the best way to get information about games that are currently under development. And today we’ve got some incredible news for you, as it seems that both Homefront 2 and Prey 2 are under development and will be – obviously – coming to Valve’s digital distribution service."


SteamDB's admin posted in the article. Can a mod mark it as a rumor?

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MTS1996d ago


"This does not mean anything new happened to these apps, just that we've updated to a different system."

Goro1996d ago

I thought Crytek were working on Homefront 2 a few months back, Homefront with Crytek graphics would be a pretty good game

famoussasjohn1996d ago

I'd be interested in playing another Homefront. The first one was actually quite good, IMO.

Goro1996d ago

The story sucked but i thought the Multiplayer was very good excluding the graphics but for me good graphics are just a bonus...

Summons751996d ago

Yeah I really enjoyed it. I loved red dawn and getting to basically play it was great. The online was so much fun too, to bad cod kids spit on it without even trying, they could have seen how real multilayer is played if your not playing battlefield or halo.

DeadlyFire1995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )

Crytek has always been working on Homefront 2. They just bought full rights for the series from the dead THQ for only 500,000 bucks. They want CryEngine to shine so not buying it would have mean't not showing off. They had to buy it.

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badvlad1996d ago

homefront sucked prey was good

Parasyte1996d ago

Crytek has been working on Homefront 2 for a year two now.